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Does Whoppi Goldberg fear she was dying? A few months ago, a tabloid claimed The View co-host was "fighting to survive." Gossip Cop has looked into the story and can correct the story.

Back in December 2019, the Globe asserted Whoopi Goldberg was “wilting” away while battling to save her life. The outlet insultingly dubbed Golberg, “Wheezing Whoopi” in the story’s headline. The paper claimed at the time Golberg was feared she wouldn’t make it to her 64th birthday following her hospitalization for pneumonia and after she was seen on television “wheezing.” “Whoopi’s put on a brave face on things, but deep down she’s scared as hell her lungs are going to pack up on her,” a supposed insider told the outlet.

The dubious insider continued that everyone around Goldberg knew what a “tough cookie” she was, but “there was fear her ill health has caught up with her and it could be fatal.” She thought she’d beaten the odds but it seems to have lingered and the worry is that her lungs haven’t fully recovered,” the so-called insider added.

The unnamed insiders add that Goldberg was so sure of her fate, that when the talk show threw her a birthday bash, it was “Whoopi’s way of going out of style.” “If this was to be her last birthday,” the sketchy tipster continued, "she wanted it to be a celebration to remember.”

Can we first point out how degrading this story is? If Goldberg was indeed dying, describing her as “wheezing and wilting” and poking fun at her illness is just distasteful and demeaning. Saying that, we can also correct the story. While it was true that the co-host battled pneumonia last year, she has since fully recovered. This article came out months ago and while the actress spoke about the danger pneumonia poses and how severe her case was, she has since returned to working on The View and is doing much better.

It isn’t surprising the paper would make such a dramatic and inaccurate story about Goldberg’s health when it has been known to stretch the truth about the actress before. Earlier this year, we busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Whoopi Goldberg was leaving The View because of issues with Megan McCain. The outlet alleged Goldberg was “fed up” with McCain and was threatening to leave if the producers of the show didn’t “put a leash” on McCain’s obnoxious behavior. While the ladies of The View have been known to butt head sometimes, Goldberg was warning she’d quit the show. A spokesperson for ABC studios denied the bogus rumor.

In October 2019, we busted the Globe for claiming McCain's co-hosts, including Goldberg, hated her and wanted her to quit. Since McCain joined the controversial talk show, there have been many incorrect stories about her relationship with her coworkers and her attitude while filming on set. This time was no different. Gossip Cop learned from a spokesperson at ABC studios the tabloid's premise was false. McCain and Goldberg are still part of the show.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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