Whoopi Goldberg: Donald Trump Should Pay For Border Wall With Advertisements

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Whoopi Goldberg Trump Border Wall

By Shari Weiss |

Whoopi Goldberg Trump Border Wall


Whoopi Goldberg suggested on Wednesday’s “The View” that Donald Trump pay for his border wall with advertisements. Check out the video below.

Goldberg introduced her idea, largely made in jest, on the ABC talk show by noting Trump has “backed down” from including funding for the border wall in a new government spending bill, prompting Republicans to offer alternatives. But the moderator, with the help of some photo editing, presented her own suggestion. “We feel the wall could be paid for if we make it look like this,” she said.

And with that she unveiled a photo of a wall with advertisements on it for Trump Steaks, bail bondsmen, immigration attorneys, and the outlet Breitbart. Amid many laughs, Goldberg explained, “Get advertising dollars, you know? And then we don’t have to pay for it.” She added jokingly, “Have it both in English and in Spanish. And in Italian, because you never know who’s coming over.”

More seriously, Sunny Hostin gave credit to Ted Cruz for saying forfeited funds from drug cartels should be used for the project, “because I don’t think the tax payers should pay 26 billion dollars.” Goldberg responded, “We shouldn’t be ppaying for anything. [Trump] said, ‘They’re going to be paying for it. They’re going to be paying for it.’ Well, they are gonna pay for it because we’re not!”

Jedediah Bila was also amused by Goldberg’s proposal, quipping that Ivanka Trump could have an ad on it, too. She also observed, “It’s so interesting to me how quickly he had to back down. It’s almost like he’s learning, you can’t just say, ‘We’re gonna do this,’ and everyone’s gonna hand their money over. He’s also learning how government works, that you can’t bundle these bills.”

Bila continued, “So, somebody said to him, ‘This is gonna be yet another embarrassing moment for you, this is not gonna work, the government’s going to shut down, it’s going to be bad publicity for you and the Republicans,’ so thank you for waking up.” Goldberg then added, “Hey, new guy. We showed you what you can do [instead].” Watch below.

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