Whoopi Goldberg Compares Confederate Flag In The South To Nazis’ Swastikas (VIDEO)

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Whoopi Golberg Confederate flag

By Minyvonne Burke |

Whoopi Golberg Confederate flag

(The View)

Whoopi Goldberg compared flying the Confederate flag to “having the swastika flag flying on your next-door neighbor” during Monday’s “The View.” Goldberg and the other co-hosts were discussing the deadly shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, when the conversation switched to the Confederate flag flying above the state’s capital building. See the video below.

“We have been having this conversation a long time. It should not be flying anywhere… The only argument you can make against having this flag be as spectacularly shown as it is around the South is the Nazis,” said Goldberg, adding, “It would be like having the swastika flag flying on your next-door neighbor.” She added, “If it continues to fly, the statement that’s being made… is that we missed this really crappy part of history, and that is where the conversation has to begin.”

Rosie Perez also sounded off about the flag, which still sits high above South Carolina’s capital building. “I still do not understand the pride behind the Confederate flag,” said Perez, noting, “It was a response to slavery. They wanted to separate themselves from the United States because they didn’t want to lose their cotton pickers. They didn’t want to lose their slaves. Period.”

Earlier in the show, Goldberg said she thought it was “extraordinary” some people felt the shooting was not about racism, but was about religion. “How come [Presidential] candidates are scared to talk about race?” asked Raven-Symone. “You’re supposed to be the future president of the United States. You should not be scared to tackle these issues that your public is going through.” In response, Perez offered, “I think that the reason why they’re afraid to talk about race is they’re going to alienate the racists who are going to be potential voters.”

Check out the video below, and tell us what do you think about Whoopi Goldberg comparing the Confederate flag to Nazis’ swastikas.


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