Whoopi Goldberg: Cecil The Lion’s Death Was “Not A Hunt, That Was Murder”

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Whoopi Goldberg Cecil The Lion

By Minyvonne Burke |

Whoopi Goldberg Cecil The Lion

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Whoopi Goldberg is slamming Minnesota dentist Walter James Palmer for killing Cecil the lion earlier this month in Zimbabwe. On Thursday’s “The View,” Goldberg declared that is was “not a hunt,” but a “murder.”

“This was not a sport. Sport is, you’re in there and you use everything you shoot. This man went over and he basically shot fish in a barrel,” said Goldberg, adding, “That was not a hunt, that was a murder.” Co-host Nicolle Wallace also chimed in saying, “I think hunting this animal is incomprehensible.”

During the show, Goldberg also took issue with people who claim everyone’s more interested in the death of an animal than human lives. “That’s b.s. People are upset about human lives. There’s a whole discussion that happens all the time,” said Goldberg. “When you guys say, ‘You know, why aren’t you more upset about abortion and things?’ You have no idea what kind of conversation goes on here.”

As Gossip Cop reported, many celebrities have taken to Twitter to bash Palmer for killing Cecil. It’s believed the dentist and two locals lured the lion out of the Hwange National Park on July 1 to shoot him with crossbows. Although severely injured, the lion escaped, but was eventually found 40 hours later by Palmer and the other hunters, who shot Cecil to death, and then skinned and beheaded him.


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