Whoopi Goldberg: “I’m Pissed As Hell” Caitlyn Jenner Is “Cuter Than Me” (VIDEO)

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Whoopi Goldberg Caitlyn Jenner

By James Crugnale |

Whoopi Goldberg Caitlyn Jenner


Whoopi Goldberg said on “The View” Tuesday that she was “pissed as hell” that Caitlyn Jenner is more attractive than her. “I was annoyed when Bruce looked better than me as a man, so now I’m really pissed as hell,” Goldberg exclaimed. “Caitlyn is still cuter than me!” Watch the video below!

The other panelists applauded Jenner for her appearance July cover of Vanity Fair, with many of them saying she was both “brave” and “beautiful.” “She looks amazing,” said guest panelist Molly Sims. “I think it’s amazing where we are. She looks incredible! I want the corset. She gave Jessica Lange a run for her money,” added Sims, referencing the facial comparisons being drawn online between the “American Horror Story” actress and Jenner.

Raven-Symone agreed with Sims, saying that Caitlyn Jenner’s courage could positively inspire many other transgender people. “I think she’s going to give power to a lot of people in the community that need that, and she knows it, and she’s working her stuff. She’s a hot woman,” said Raven-Symone.

In addition to the panelist’s warm words about Jenner, Rosie Perez gave props to other transgender pioneers like Laverne Cox, who also helped pave the way for transgender acceptance.

Goldberg added that she was “thrilled” for Jenner. “This is something that has been part of her life, the secret of her life, and now she’s free,” she said. “We all have our secrets we don’t tell anybody and we struggle with them, and you know what, God bless you, honey. God bless you.” Watch the video below of Whoopi Goldberg saying Caitlyn Jenner looks better than she does.


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