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Jennifer Aniston’s love life, for some reason, is always a matter of public discourse. One tabloid simply cannot decide who she’s dating, so it claims she’s seeing multiple people all at once. Gossip Cop is investigating this complicated story.

‘A Billionaire, A Chef, And Gerard Butler’

According to Star, Aniston’s professional life has “slowed down” enough for her to get “back on the dating scene.” The “serial monogamist” has recently “started “sending flirty texts and secretly hooking up” with former co-star Gerard Butler, whom the tabloid says is “the one who got away.” Despite not seeing Butler for years, “the chemistry between them is still very much there.” The two are keeping things “all on the down-low, and that’s a big part of the fun.”

Aniston isn’t “restricting herself to Gerard,” a source claims, and she’s “having a blast with a couple of different guys.” A so-called pal confirms that “Gerard knows things aren’t exclusive.” Some of these other mystery men are” “a handsome billionaire tech mogul, a sexy yoga teacher, a chef, and a pro athlete.” Only one date has fallen through, as the guy “found the idea of dating Jen intimidating.”

This full dating schedule is done partly to “[reject] being branded ‘poor lonely Jen.’” She’s having “so much fun this summer” and will keep dating either “until she gets bored” or until she “finds a great guy to settle down with exclusively.” Gossip Cop wants Aniston to lead a fulfilling love life, so in a way we want this story to be true. Alas, it isn’t.

Jennifer Aniston in a low-cut dress.

Aniston Is Not Dating Multiple Men At Once

Buried in the article is an exceedingly important sentence: “her rep denies Star’s story.” Gossip Cop contacted a spokesperson for Aniston who said on the record that this story was hogwash. This tabloid should have known better than to publish this story, but it did not care if it was true or not.

The list of her dates is comical as well. Why didn’t the tabloid stop at the bogus Butler claim? It didn’t even try to elaborate on which “tech mogul” or “sexy yoga teacher” she’s been seeing. It’s just a list of conventionally attractive occupations with no rhyme or reason to it.

Who Called Her ‘Poor Lonely Jen’?

This article claims Aniston is trying to not seem so lonely, which is a pretty heinous thing to say since this is the kind of tabloid that invented this bogus reputation. Aniston is constantly framed as someone who has nothing better to do than sit and hope Brad Pitt returns to her, hence why most of this tabloid's stories about Aniston feature her ex-husband prominently. It reported she was quarantining with Pitt in April, which would make all these dates more than a little awkward.

Last year, it claimed Pitt and Aniston vacationed in Mexico together. Heck, this tabloid even said they had a secret wedding and adopted a daughter. If she was really raising a family with her husband, shouldn’t that be mentioned here? Star’s “coverage” of Aniston, if you can call it that, is inane. She’s not married to Pitt, nor is she on a nonstop dating spree with all manner of attractive men.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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