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Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley first met in 2014 while on the set of Suite Francaise, a romantic drama. Ackerley was serving as the third assistant director on the project, while Robbie played a small role. The two hit it off, and within two years, they wed. They now live together in Los Angeles, happily married. However, there is a slight problem in the relationship. Although the two of them are both successful on their own, Robbie's star presence has placed Ackerley in the middle of countless rumors about the A-list actress and her personal life.

Tom Ackerley Has Tough Competition

There was a cover story in Life & Style that proclaimed that Margot Robbie was quickly being drawn into a "forbidden romance" with none other than Brad Pitt. The publication said that the two actors were looking like far more than just co-stars despite Robbie's husband. The outlet's anonymous source even claimed that Ackerley "saw Brad as a threat from the get-go" and was deeply concerned about the seemingly close relationship between his wife and the infamously attractive actor.

On a similar note, NW reported that Robbie and Ackerley specifically requested their table at the Golden Globes be completely separate from Brad Pitt's. The magazine played coy for most of the article, but it ultimately implied that Robbie was looking to avoid any drama between her husband and her co-star. We found that the story was likely referencing an older rumor from New Idea that said that Ackerley was growing increasingly worried at the chemistry between his wife and Pitt.

New Idea published a story about Tom Ackerley pleading with his wife to avoid working with Leonardo DiCaprio again, purely because the Titanic actor was just too suave and charming. In fact, the publication's unnamed insider said he was flatout "convinced Leo is out to steal his wife." While it's undeniable that DiCaprio does have a bit of a reputation as a ladies' man, it's a bit confusing that someone who's been in the business for years and runs a production company with his wife would be so worried about both DiCaprio and Robbie's professionalism.

NW ran a similar article, although according to the magazine's source, Ackerley was actually hoping his wife wouldn't work with either Pitt or DiCaprio again. This time, the story went that Ackerley disliked Pitt after hearing a rumor that the World War Z actor had feelings for his wife. As for DiCaprio, the source said that Ackerley just straight-up disliked him, again referencing his infamous reputation with women. Weirdly enough, the source thought it was important to inject their own feelings into the matter and implied Ackerley was in danger of losing Robbie. "If it were me, I'd hate either of those guys getting close to my wife," they said.

Other Times, He's About To Get Divorced

Earlier this year, Woman's Day published a story about Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley's marriage falling apart. The outlet said that Robbie had been spotted without a wedding ring and with puffy red eyes from crying. While the publication didn't clarify about the current state of the relationship, it instead claimed that Ackerley had let his wife get overly friendly with male co-stars — namely Leonardo DiCaprio and Quentin Tarantino from her work on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, as well as her Tarzan co-star Alexander Skarsgard.

Woman's Day proclaimed that Ackerley was so jealous of his wife's success and rise to fame that he was on the cusp of leaving her entirely. "Tom's been struggling to deal with Margot's surging fame since they moved to LA, and they've been growing apart over the last few months," an unnamed insider said. The magazine also wrote that it wasn't just fame that was setting off Ackerley — once again, her seemingly close work with DiCaprio, Skarsgard, and even Jared Leto were brought up once again.

The British outlet Look UK found that Margot Robbie's friends thought that she would be better off dumping Tom Ackerley entirely. The whispers mainly focused on the idea that Robbie was too successful for someone like Ackerley. "Margot and Tom are having a tough time with all the haters," an unnamed tipster said. According to those unidentified friends, Ackerley was even responsible for preventing his wife from taking on "more daring" roles.

On the opposite note, NW found that Ackerley was, in fact, arguing for his wife to take fewer roles because he wanted to save their marriage. This time, at least Ackerley got pegged as a caring — albeit panicked — husband. "Margot's convinced she can do it all, but it's a lot of work for one person and Tom is begging her to take a break," one tipster revealed to the magazine. "She hasn't had a proper holiday in a while now, they barely get any time together and he's worried that she's on the fast track to burning out completely." Apparently, the magazine thinks that Robbie's stubbornness would spell the end of the relationship. The insider left off with an ominous quote: "He knows better than anyone how Margot will run herself into the ground if she's not careful."

Similarly, Woman's Day reported that Ackerley was struggling in the face of Robbie's stardom. The magazine said that his "jealousy is out of control" and has begun accusing his wife of "flirting with co-stars or having secret affairs" right under his nose. "[Tom] has even stopped her from taking roles if he's uncomfortable with who she'll be co-starring with. Hollywood is their curse and it's slowly destroying them." Once again, it was a little strange that the claims never addressed why a veteran producer and assistant director would be unprepared for marrying an actress or misunderstood how filming with co-stars worked.

He's Often Implied To Be A Father

NW claimed that Margot Robbie was pregnant late last year, and it even argued that it was an open secret around Hollywood. The outlet pointed to Robbie's outfits and whispers that she had stopped drinking any alcohol. Of course, the catch with this story is that it didn't really even mention Ackerley's role as the father of the supposed baby. Instead, it focused more on finding proof of the actress' baby bump.

There was another pregnancy story that was slightly kinder to Ackerley. Woman's Day, reporting on their favorite Aussie actress, said that Ackerley had accidentally given away Robbie's secret pregnancy. According to the publication, it was obvious that the actress was expecting after her husband seemed to affectionately touch her stomach and wrap his arms around his wife. While we're unsure why Ackerley's affection could only be related to pregnancy, the magazine held firm that the couple was too private to announce anything and fans shouldn't expect a confirmation one way or another.

This was far from the last time Woman's Day obsessed over the couple. In fact, it even claimed that Ackerley and Robbie spent $150,000 renting out a private island to celebrate their pregnancy. The magazine said that the two were trying their best to keep the pregnancy under wraps, and they had only told a select group of close friends. While it never explained why a close friend of the couple would immediately spoil the news, it did at least point to Ackerley as an excited and happy partner.

Tom Ackerley And Margot Robbie Are Fine

Don't get us wrong, gossip shouldn't be used as an indicator of a relationship's health or anything like that. Robbie and Ackerley are, by all legitimate accounts, extremely happy and content with one another. Dealing with a few silly whispers in exchange for being married to the love of your life is absolutely a worthy tradeoff, especially when it's someone so obviously talented and successful.

While we don't envy Tom Ackerley for having to deal with the fact that many outlets just ignore his existence entirely (or that he's basically not allowed to look anywhere near his wife's midsection for fear of confirming a pregnancy rumor), we're impressed at how solid the couple has been and their ability to weather their meteoric rise in Hollywood. So long as Ackerley knows the truth about his relationship, it doesn't matter what the rumors or tabloids claim.


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