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It seems as if Renee Zellweger has been romantically connected to almost every leading man in Hollywood this year. Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper, Jim Carrey, Brad Pitt, and more have all been “linked” to the Judy star this recently by the tabloids. Let’s take a look at how many of these "relationships" are true.

Flirting With Brad Pitt

Earlier this year, the tabloid, NW, purported Renee Zellweger was confronted by Jennifer Aniston for flirting with Brad Pitt. The magazine claimed Aniston and Pitt had finally “reunited” but the Friends star wasn’t too thrilled about Zellweger hitting on Pitt at the SAG Awards. An unnamed source alleged Aniston was “so furious with Renee," adding, “They've never had any bad blood, but that's all changed now. The anonymous source even contended Pitt was “angry” with Zellweger because he “worked hard” to get Aniston back. The entire premise was fabricated. Aniston and Pitt never got back together and there was nothing to even support the notion that Zellweger was “flirting” with Pitt. Gossip Cop debunked the phony story when it came out.

Back With Bradley Cooper?

Around the same time as the phony Brad Pitt rumor, Bradley Cooper was alleged to have rekindled a romance with the Chicago actress. The two dated from 2009 to 2011, but in February of this year, OK!, asserted Cooper and Zellweger secretly renewed their relationship. The publication alleged the entertainers struck up a relationship again after “bumping into each other” during awards season. However, Gossip Cop had learned this wasn’t true. The two simply had a friendly interaction at the Oscars. Shortly after this, Woman’s Day contended Cooper had a “sleepover” at Zellweger’s home after the Oscars. Yet, we had already corrected the narrative that anything was going on between the two.

Renee Zellweger Is Not Marrying Tom Cruise, Either

Everyone remembers the iconic movie, Jerry McGuire, where Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger portrayed love interests. Well, the tabloids tried to insinuate that life imitated art regarding the former costars. In January, Woman’s Day claimed Zellweger was in love with both Cruise and Colin Firth. The dubious story maintained the actress had gotten close to Cruise but was conflicted because she “had feelings” for Firth as well. No of this was true. Gossip Cop checked with the actress’s spokesperson who laughed off the silly tale.

After that, we busted Star magazine for declaring the Zellweger’s friends wanted Cruise to “rescue” her. Then, the tabloid, NW, was exposed by us for claiming Cruise and Zellweger were going to marry. All of these phony storylines stemmed from the actress thanking Cruise when she accepting the award for Best Actress at the SAG Awards. There wasn’t a shred of evidence to even support these ridiculous articles.

Most Recently, It's Jim Carrey

Recently, the often incorrect paper, the National Enquirer, claimed Jim Carey was trying to spark a new relationship with Renee Zellweger. The former pair were engaged from 1999 to 2000, and have since still spoken fondly of each other. However, the tabloid insisted Carey was reaching out to his former partner in hopes of renewing their romance. This simply wasn’t accurate. The tabloid’s story was concocted because Carey called Zellweger the “love of his life” in his memoir, but the actor clarified that he wasn’t the type to still pine over past lovers.

As of now, it seems that Renee Zellweger isn’t attached to any man at the moment, at least publicly.  As for her past relationships, even though she was romantically involved with a few leading men, it doesn’t mean that she is dating them all now, at the same time, as these tabloids seem to be insisting.


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