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Since her 2019 divorce from her husband, many people have wondered who Adele’s boyfriend is. Some tabloids have claimed to have the answer to just what is going on in the British singer-songwriter's dating life, though some of the reports are downright ridiculous. Gossip Cop looked into the subject and believes we can shed some insight on the topic.

Is Adele Dating Skepta?

One name that has popped up again and again in connection with Adele has been British rapper Skepta. The two Brits have been friendly with one another for years, with Adele giving her fellow North Londonite a shoutout on Twitter. The “Rolling In The Deep” singer posted a photo of the rapper along with the caption, “Tottenham Boy” followed by a heart emoji and the hashtag “konnichiwa.”

Shortly after that, Skepta talked about the brief online encounter, telling IB Times UK, “She gassed me up. One day I was just chilling and she [tweeted] a picture that said ‘Tottenham boy’ and she's from Tottenham as well.” Apparently, Skepta had been on the precipice of leaving the music business when Adele posted her sweet, simple message, which ultimately convinced him to stay in the game. "I was actually going to quit music that day, that was one of the sickest things ever. She's like the lady of Tottenham.”

The love fest continued later that same year, with Skepta talking to ES Magazine about the effect Adele had on his life. The two kept in contact a lot, Skepta revealed. “Adele texts me all the time and keeps me in check,” he explained. Adele, as the more established artist, also gave Skepta advice about dealing with fame. “She speaks to me about how things are going. She’s one of the people I know that, from her [example] alone, you can move in a certain way where you’re not inviting fame.”

The rapper continued, “She’s the biggest artist in the world, bro, and you do not see her in the papers [every day].” Clearly there’s a deep sense of respect and admiration between the two of them, which lends itself easily to friendship. Now, in the aftermath of Adele’s divorce from husband Simon Konecki, many have wondered if Skepta and Adele might be more than friends.

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Some recent Instagram comments exchanged between Adele and Skepta had fans believing they were seeing some intense flirtation going on between the two of them. Adele posted two photos of herself watching her 2016 Glastonbury Festival performance with the caption, “5 ciders in.” Fans noticed that Skepta left a somewhat cryptic comment under the photo, which read, “Finally got your Instagram password lol,” to which Adele replied with a tongue out smiley face and a heart emoji. Although most people can’t make heads or tails of what the message actually means, it’s very clear that Adele is in on the joke.

Though Adele is notoriously private, some tabloids have claimed to have the inside scoop on the exact nature of her relationship with Skepta. Heat reported in July that the musical duo planned to start dating in earnest after quarantine was over. A source supposedly close to Adele told the outlet, “There’s nobody Adele would rather hang out with than Skepta. They’re both wildly attracted to each other,” adding, “They want to see where this relationship takes them, and everyone around them is convinced they have what it takes to be a serious couple.” Gossip Cop passed on addressing the rumor at the time, but we noted that it seemed highly unlikely that anyone close to Adele would divulge her personal business like that. Clearly the two are close, but we won’t be believing this rumor until either Skepta or Adele confirm it themselves.

Adele’s Next Boyfriend Could Be…

Skepta isn’t the only person that Adele has been attached to since the news of her divorce broke. A number of other male celebrities have been said to be interested in seeing the “Someone Like You” singer. Again, take into consideration the fact that Adele is a highly private person and those truly close to the singer would never speak to these kinds of shady publications about her personal life.

Brad Pitt

Just a few weeks ago, New Idea reported that Ad Astra star Brad Pitt had taken notice of Adele’s new, post-divorce glow and was interested in dating the singer. “Brad not only thinks she’s beautiful,” a so-called insider told the publication, “but she has him in stitches whenever they hang out together.” Pitt was allegedly optimistic about his prospects with Adele, the source continued. “Brad is hoping this thing between them might have a real shot.” Gossip Cop had every reason in the world to disbelieve this rumor. First, this outlet had been directly responsible for a number of false rumors about both Pitt’s romantic prospects.

Bradley Cooper

In early June, that same outlet claimed Lady Gaga had hooked Adele up with Bradely Cooper. The outlet had no real proof to back up their claim and the only evidence put forth by the outlet was that both Adele and Cooper had “recently” gone through a break up. Of course, that’s not quite true. Cooper and his ex, Irina Shayk, broke up a year ago, making it unlikely that Cooper would try to seek out someone to “commiserate” about his “recent heartache,” as the outlet insisted. Besides, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it seems beyond unlikely that the two stars would pick this time to start a new relationship.

Harry Styles

It’s not just American actors that Adele has been romantically linked with. Former One Direction member Harry Styles was rumored by the apparently defunct NW to be dating the newly-single mom-of-one. “After years of flirting, they’ve finally hooked up,” the outlet’s alleged “exclusive source” informed the tabloid. “Harry’s long had a crush on Adele and she’s always thought he was incredibly sexy.” After Adele had divorced Konecki, the source claimed Styles and Adele finally had a chance to give each other a go. She had even introduced the “Watermelon Sugar” singer to her son and the two got on thick as thieves.

Styles had supposedly “been playing stepdad” to the boy and they’d bonded “over their love of Disney movies.” The relationship, according to the so-called source, was going perfectly. “Adele’s never been happier. she feels at her most comfortable with Harry.” In fact, the mom-of-one was even considering adding one more baby to the brood, with the insider squealing, “She can’t wait to start a family with the man who’s made her believe in love again.” Again, how likely is it that someone actually close enough to Adele to learn about her romantic affairs would spill the beans, to an Australian tabloid no less? There’s also the matter of whatever’s going on between Adele and Skepta.

Prince Harry

There have also been a series of strange rumors connecting Adele with fellow Brit Prince Harry. Last month, New Idea insisted Prince Harry had gone missing for 72-hours after attending a secret celebrity rager, like the ones Adele was supposedly known to throw. Of course, that was untrue, Gossip Cop found. The outlet performed a slick switch-and-bait with it’s cover. Though it proclaimed Prince Harry had gone missing on the cover of the magazine, the story inside quickly backed off that premise. Instead, Prince Harry had the potential to go missing for up to 72 hours while attending those secret parties. Naturally, we couldn’t trust this outlet, or it’s likely made up source, to tell the truth. There are so many false rumors out there about who Adele is dating and the tabloids certainly don’t help. Though it’s definitely possible that there’s something going on between Adele and Skepta, we’re not going to make any bold predictions about their relationship status anytime soon. When Adele is ready to let the public know about her personal affairs, she’ll probably be the one to explain it herself.


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