The Bachelor Finale Recap: Chris Soules Proposes To Whitney – WATCH VIDEO!

Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap


The Bachelor” Season 19’s final had Chris Soules bringing Whitney and Becca back home to Arlington, Iowa and proposing to one of them. So, did he pop the question to Whitney or Becca? Check out video of the final rose ceremony and proposal below.

The finale of “The Bachelor” began with Whitney visiting Soules and his family at home. She told Soules before walking into the house how “excited” she was to meet his family, and immediately everyone was, as she said, “warm and inviting.” While sharing a meal with his family, Whitney assured her parents and siblings that she was “serious” about Soules, and that they already felt like her own family. “I love your son and brother,” she told the entire Soules family during an emotional toast she made.

Afterwards, Whitney sat with her sisters and easily convinced them how committed she was to “The Bachelor.” Whitney, who lost both her parents, told his sisters that she “can’t wait to call someone mom and dad again.” And for their part, they told Soules how “amazing,” “unwavering” and “equipped to make this move” to Iowa they felt Whitney was.

Soules’ mom was also taken with Whitney and felt they’d be “lucky” to have her in the family. Still, Soules confided to the guys in the family that there was something about the non-commital Becca, prompting his brother-in-law-to wisely suggest that maybe it was an instance of Soules wanting what he couldn’t have.

Next up, Becca came and visited the family at home. She was very honest with Soules’ family, saying she was shocked with how small the town was, and that she wasn’t quite yet in love with him. His sisters felt Soules needed to push her harder on the tougher questions about being in love and moving to Arlington. And while Becca told his mom that she wasn’t emotionally there yet, but would be “miserable” if she never saw him again and was more concerned about him getting hurt than herself, his mom then explained that’s exactly what love is. For what it’s worth, Soules’ father felt “Becca’s who Chris loves,” and that he would “take the risky path” with her.

To give himself some clarity, Soules went on last dates with both Becca and Whitney. First, he went to Becca’s hotel in Dubuque, but he didn’t get the answers from her that he wanted. Among the things Becca said was “I can’t make any promises when I would be ready to move” to Iowa from California and “I don’t know” after Soules asked whether she was in love with him.

For her last date with Soules, Whitney came to his farm, where he and his dad harvested corn. She said she felt that she could see herself there “for a long, long time” with their kids. He then drove her to his house. She similarly felt “comfortable” in what she had hoped would be her new home. They continued their date in her hotel, where Whitney said she loves him, but wanted to make sure that he didn’t have any lingering questions about her. Soules told her, “I love you” and that he felt good about her being there.

After looking at some rings with Neil Lane, it was then time for the final rose ceremony. In a barn owned by his family, Soules told Becca that he felt she just wasn’t ready to get married, and knew one day she would make someone else happy. Becca thanked Soules for being so honest. They hugged and he walked her out of the barn and into her awaiting limousine.

Soules began by telling Whitney that he wants share his life with her, and that it “feels so right, so perfect, and that’s what I want for the rest of my life. I love you.” He then got down on one knee and proposed to Whitney, and not surprisingly she said “yes.” He later handed her the final rose. Check out the video below of the rose ceremony and Soules’ proposal, and tell us what you think.


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