Whitney And Shannon “The Voice” Audition Video: Watch Sisters’ “Landslide” Duet Performance!

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Whitney Shannon The Voice Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Whitney Shannon The Voice Audition Video


Sisters Whitney and Shannon turned all four chairs on Monday’s “The Voice,” the last auditions episode of season 11. Watch below!

The aspiring stars had not performed together in quite some time, but you wouldn’t know that from their seemingly effortless Blind Audition. Singing “Landslide,” the sisters showcased stunning harmonies. The coaches’ reaction when they realized there were two performers on stage was actually quite priceless.

Adam Levine was the first to hit his button, setting off a chain reaction. Blake Shelton and Miley Cyrus immediately turned around right after him. And then Alicia Keys pushed, too, after Cyrus told her, “You want this!” It all culminated in a standing ovation from the entire panel.

After the requisite jokes about the contestants unexpectedly being a duo, Levine said, “You guys harmonizing, you can’t teach something like that. That collaboration is really, really a tough dance, and it either works or it’s a mess. And it was really, really, really beautiful.”

Shelton honed in on the country tone in the girls’ voices, and also noted, “Being a duo and being successful on this show has only happened one time. And I’m proud to say it was on my team and it was with The Swon Brothers, and I want you guys to think about that.”

Keys went next, telling the sisters, “There’s no box for you for where you are gonna fit in. You’re everywhere. And that’s where I see you, and I’d like to help you get there. The world needs to see the two of you.” The Grammy winner was so passionate, she stood again as she continued to make her pitch. “I know that us together would be so powerful, so incredibly crazy powerful,” Keys said.

And Cyrus received nods when she called out the siblings’ “psychic connection,” and went on to share her own connection to “Landslide.” But in the end, the two singers could only pick one coach. And they went with Keys! Check out the video below!


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