Whitney And Shannon, Gabriel Violett “The Voice” Battle Video: Watch “More Than Words” Performance!

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Whitney Shannon Gabriel Violett The Voice Battle Video

By Shari Weiss |

Whitney Shannon Gabriel Violett The Voice Battle Video


Whitney and Shannon faced off against Gabriel Violett on Tuesday’s “The Voice.” Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Whitney and Shannon shocked the coaches during their Blind Audition, as the panelists weren’t expecting to hear two voices on stage. But the sisters harmonized beautifully on “Landslide,” and earned a four-chair turn-around, in addition to a standing ovation. They received passionate pitches from each coach, but chose to join Alicia Keys’ team.

Now the duo had to go up against a fellow teammate for the next step in the NBC competition. Keys explained that she paired the siblings with Violett because she thought their tones merging together would be “beautiful.” Violett, however, thought it would be a bigger “challenge” for him to go up against two people.

All together they had to sing Extreme’s “More Than Words.” During rehearsal, Keys and guest adviser Charlie Puth pushed Violett to work on his notes. But by the end of the prep sessions, the coach found herself “impressed” by him, too.

And the performance indeed turned out to be beautiful, just as Keys’ predicted. Miley Cyrus even joined her in a standing ovation. The pop star said afterward, “I’ve never been speechless. They can vouch for me. So, wow!”

Still, she found herself “leaning” towards Whitney and Shannon, as did Levine, who was still bummed about not being their coach. But Blake Shelton argued, “I don’t think Gabriel’s getting the credit he deserves.” That received some hearty applause from the crowd.

In the end, though, it was up to Keys, who threw everyone off-guard at first when it seemed like she was naming host Carson Daly the winner. After some laughs, the first-time coach announced Whitney and Shannon as the victors. Check out the video below!


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