Whitney Bischoff NOT “Nervous” About How Much Time Witney Carson Spends With Fiance Chris Soules, Despite Claim

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Whitney Bischoff Chris Soules Arrest

By Michael Lewittes |

Whitney Bischoff Chris Soules Arrest

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Whitney Bischoff is not “jealous and nervous” that her fiance Chris Soules is spending a lot of time with his “Dancing With The Stars” partner Witney Carson, despite yet another story designed to create controversy. Gossip Cop can correct this false claim once again. We’re told the magazine’s report is “silly.”

According to In Touch, Bischoff is deeply concerned about Soules “spending so much time with another hot blonde,” namely Carson. What’s the tabloid’s proof? A couple of less than well-phrased remarks by “The Bachelor” star, including one in which he was joking, “I’m engaged to a Whitney, now I’m dancing with a Witney… This might get complicated.”

The magazine’s latest story marks four weeks in a row it has been wrong about Soules and Bischoff. In Touch was first off-base when it reported that the couple’s relationship was in “jeopardy” because he joined the cast of “Dancing With The Stars.” Then the tabloid published a wholly inaccurate story about how Soules was still in love with “Bachelor” runner-up Becca Tilley. And then last week, the magazine incorrectly claimed Bischoff was set for a “jealous showdown” with Carson. Gossip Cop, of course, busted all these untrue tales.

That, however, hasn’t stopped In Touch from again alleging Bischoff’s “jealous and nervous.” But a source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop that Bischoff understands the amount of time and work Soules needs to practice his “Dancing With The Stars” routines, and calls the latest story “silly.”


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