Whitney Bischoff Is NOT “Ditching” Chris Soules, Despite Report

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Whitney Bischoff dumps Chris Soules

By Minyvonne Burke |

Whitney Bischoff dumps Chris Soules


Whitney Bischoff is NOT planning to “ditch” Chris Soules, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can once again bust this rumor, which was published by one of the tabloids this week.

For the past several weeks, it’s been rumored that Soules and Bischoff were on the verge of splitting, but Gossip Cop debunked each and everyone of those reports, and the couple is still together. Now the National Enquirer has jumped on the bandwagon by falsely reporting that Bischoff wants to dump Soules, and return to her old life in Chicago.

The tabloid alleges that before Soules was sent home from “Dancing With The Stars, Bischoff’s absence at the show was a tell-tale sign of trouble. But, as Gossip Cop has already reported, Bischoff missed Soules’ last few dance performances because she was in Chicago for work. And she posted on Instagram that she was recently home with her family on the anniversary of the passing of her mother.

On Saturday, Bischoff wrote on Instagram, while at the Kentucky Derby, “Only thing missing was a winning ticket and @souleschris!” Similarly, Soules told Us Weekly on Wednesday that he was looking forward to getting back to home with Bischoff. “The goal is to start building a life in Arlington. I think we’re both looking forward to being out of the spotlight and Arlington’s the best place to do that,” said Soules. As Gossip Cop has said over and over again, while it’s not uncommon for couples on “The Bachelor” to brea up, right now the Enquirer and its ilk are wrong about Bischoff get ready to “ditch” Soules. A source tells us it’s “just not true.”


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