Is This Dress White And Gold OR Blue And Black? Celebrities Weigh In (PHOTO)

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White Gold Dress Blue Black Controversy

By Shari Weiss |

White Gold Dress Blue Black Controversy


Is the dress pictured at right white and gold? Or is it blue and black? That debate dominated social media on Thursday night, as seemingly everyone in the world weighed in on the outfit’s colors.

The image went viral early in the evening when people began arguing over whether the dress appeared white and gold or blue and black. Not surprisingly, everyone had an opinion, and a line was quickly drawn between the two camps. There are some explanations going around for why the dress (which, for the record, Gossip Cop thinks is white and gold) appears to be colored differently to some people.

For instance, some are blaming the lighting in which the dress was photographed for not capturing its true tones. Others have suggested that a person’s mood could influence what colors they see. A few have brought science into the discussion, explaining how people’s retinas can interpret color differently. Then there’s the technical factor, since the photo’s colors can be digitally manipulated to have different brightness, just as the brightness of your computer screen can be changed and affect things, too.

Interestingly, some of the people most passionately tweeting about the dress are actually celebrities. Everyone from recent Oscar winner Julianne Moore to Taylor Swift to B.J. Novak have weighed in, and some stars are actually (playfully) arguing with each other. Gossip Cop has rounded up some of the opinions and explanations. Tell us what you think below!

Mindy Kaling was one of the most outspoken tweeters, firing off message after message as she tried to get to the bottom of the situation. “IT’S A BLUE AND BLACK DRESS! ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME,” she declared, going on to call ex-boyfriend and close friend Novak “insane” for thinking otherwise. Moore then chimed in, writing to them both, “What’s the matter with u guys, it’s white and gold.” And when Nathan Fillion also disagreed with her, Kaling replied, “I can’t live in a world where Castle thinks that dress is white and gold. How many murderers has he let go.”

Swift tweeted, “I don’t understand this odd dress debate and I feel like it’s a trick somehow. I’m confused and scared. PS it’s OBVIOUSLY BLUE AND BLACK.” Jack Antonoff replied, writing, “Same. truly stressed out about it and don’t know what to do.” Zendaya confessed, “Yo this dress thing on here is confusing the mess outta me.” She went on to write, “So it’s deff white and gold but then I just saw it as black and blue too…..TRIIIPPPPYYYYY #imdonewiththeinternet.”

“Guys. I’ve stared at this dress for 5 minutes. Like an idiot. All I see is white and gold. And a satin bolero that shouldn’t be paired w/ it,” wrote Sarah Hyland. She went on to note, “I asked my brother. He agreed with me saying gold and white. Now all he sees in blue and black. What is this sorcery!!! I still see g/w.” But as the debate raged on, the “Modern Family” actress amusingly wrote, “What color is that dress? UGLY. The end.” She then referenced the llamas that were on the loose in Phoenix earlier Thursday, and wrote, “Today has been a day of wonder. Llamas and color changing dresses. What is happening in 2015?”

Lucy Hale admitted, “I saw white and gold, then i saw blue and black. now I’m confused… either way…im not gonna be wearing that dress…” Chrissy Teigen, whose own outfits have caused a stir from time to time, exclaimed, “F*ck the dress it’s heinous.” She later added, “I have read the explanations and still cannot fathom how ANYONE sees white and gold and I think they’re attention-seeking LIARS.” And James Franco commented, “Dress controversy… VIOLET and BLACK! Obvs.” Funnily enough, Erika Christensen posted, “Anybody wanna go #voiletandgold with me?”

Hailee Steinfeld similarly saw things slightly differently, writing, “IT’S YELLOW AND ORANGE WILL EVERYONE JUST BE QUIET.” Julia Louis-Dreyfus, too, had a unique view, writing, “It’s blue & brown. Period. Next? #whatcoloristhisdress.” And there’s David Duchovny, who tweeted, “The dress is Teal.” That won’t sit well with Anna Kendrick, who wrote, “If that’s not White and Gold the universe is falling apart. Seriously what is happening????” She does have Jimmy Fallon in her corner, as he wrote, “.@questlove it’s clearly #goldandwhite #TheDress.”

Joe Jonas hilariously wrote, “The dress looks like a dress. That’s all.” His brother Kevin tweeted, “I see black and blue….I think?” Demi Lovato observed, “Wow. We now live in a world where not only can anyone become famous, but ANYTHING can too.” Still, she found herself caught up in the debate, too, exclaiming a short time later, “Hold on…. So people actually see white and gold….??!!” She even admitted the discussion was causing a “civil war” in her recording studio.

“That dress is white and gold and the jacket a shimmery blue silver,” tweeted Bethenny Frankel, asking, “Why is this a question? #whiteandgold?” Her “Real Housewives” boss and “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen didn’t want any part of the debate, tweeting, “I am boycotting the effing dress on the show tonight. don’t want none, won’t be none.” And Josh Groban commented, “I find it ironic that Kim K got naked to break the Internet and it was a dress that did it.”

His girlfriend Kat Dennings tweeted, “THE DRESS IS WHITE AND GOLD and the fact that I don’t see any black in it is making me NUTS.” And Dennings’ “2 Broke Girls” co-star Beth Behrs, firmly believing it was black and blue (“obvi”), replied with shock, writing, “wait wait ??? You don’t see that ?? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!!” Meanwhile, Andi Dorfman wrote, “At first it was gold and white, now I’m thinking it’s black and blue. I don’t know, but I know it wouldn’t be in my closet #dressmystery.” Her (sort of) ex Juan Pablo wrote, “To me the DRESS its BLACK and BLUE and HONESTLY I was expecting a MONSTER to scare ME after staring at it for 30 SECONDS…”

Justin Bieber posted simply, “And for everyone asking I see blue and black.” Kim Kardashian shared, “What color is that dress? I see white & gold. Kanye sees black & blue, who is color blind?” When John Stamos was asked for his take, he hysterically replied, “Mary-Kate and Ashley.” Zach Braff joked, “I have the dress in both color combinations. #blessedandhumble.” Dax Shepard noted, “It’s all I can do to muster up interest in what color my wife’s dresses are. I can’t imagine caring about a photo of one on a hanger.” And Pete Wentz commented, “All I can pray is that someone gets a reality show out of this dress.”

Nina Dobrev shared, “Ok, so for 2 hours I saw BLUE&BLACK. And it suddenly changed and now I only see WHITE&GOLD. WTF? I am I the only one that experienced this?” Kyle Richards was similarly disturbed. She wrote, “This dress has me terrified that we are being invaded by aliens & this is their way of telling us #whatshappening #whatcoloristhisdress.” Rob Lowe said the issue was driving him “crazy,” and opted to take Twitter poll, asking his followers to retweet or favorite his message based on what they saw. Drew Carey asked, “What about the people who think the color debate about #TheDress is just everyone on the Internet f*cking with them? #likeme #stopit.”

Elizabeth Banks tried to throw everyone off by nonsensically posting, “The Gold is Blue and Dress.” Emmy Rossum copped to being “very confused,” writing, “Where are you guys seeing WHITE and GOLD?!” She even noted, “My friend just texted me: ‘I’m questioning everything. What if Barbie was never really wearing pink?! I’ll be heartbroken.'” The “Shameless” star went on to post, “Trying to reach my bf to see if he thinks blue/blk or white/gold but apparently he’s ‘in a meeting.’ Does he not get how important this is?” and revealed, “My mom just texted me ‘White and gold, duh.'”

Zachary Levi had one of the most technical responses, tweeting, “The dress is ‘White & Gold’ and shaded by shadow, giving the white a light blue appearance.” He then wrote, “Wow. No joke. This sh*t is fascinating. Just saw some YouTube vids explaining the dress color. Apparently ‘B&B’ in real life. Buuut… The question was not what it is in real life. The question is what color is the dress as is represented in the picture… And low rez, crap lighting, bad focus, blah-blah-blah aside (or accounted for), the dress IN THE PIC is ‘White & Gold’. :)” He then added, “That, or someone evil genius has figured out how to code a JPEG to somehow constantly switch colors every time it’s shared. #waitaminute…”

“Is the dress playing a mean trick on humanity?” wondered Brooklyn Decker, who retweeted a funny comment from author Kelly Oxford that said, “Sorry, didn’t get any work done today. There were llamas and then an ugly dress. – North America.” Billy Bush wrote, “So dizzy looking at this #whiteandgold number. My whole house agrees. #dressgate. Please tell me this is a hoax.” And Sophia Bush exclaimed, “Guys. I give less than zero f%*ks about this dress. Why has it taken over the Internet? WHY?! #therearewaybetterpuzzles #waybetterriddles.” Ariana Grande complained, “If one more person asks me what color i think this damn dress is.”

Alyssa Milano remarked, “Imagine if we all came together to solve world issues like we’ve come together to solve a freaking dress issue. #whiteandgold.” “Can we forget the dress and put all this attention on making the world a better place?” asked Kellan Lutz. Rashida Jones posted, “What genius pulled off this elaborate metaphor just to teach us the importance of tolerating other perspectives?#blueandblack #whiteandgold”

Ellen DeGeneres even tweeted, “From this day on, the world will be divided into two people. Blue & black, or white & gold.” There seem to be slightly different versions of the picture being circulated (see photo below), but the original poster, who had published the photo on Tumblr after supposedly seeing it at a wedding, insists, “I swear to you it’s no hoax. I saw the dress in real life, it’s blue and black. Some people just see this pic as white and gold. I DONT HAVE ANY ANSWERS BUT I NEED THEM.” See a few (unconfirmed) explanations below, and tell us what YOU think!

White Gold Dress Explanation


White Gold Blue Black Dress Explanation


White Gold Dress Reason


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White Gold Blue Black Dress



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