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Now that Jamie Foxx has ended his years-long relationship with actress Katie Holmes, many wonder who the comedian turned serious actor will date next. One popular contender is former Foxx girlfriend Kristin Grannis, who’s also the mother of Foxx’s youngest daughter. Though Grannis has been an ex-girlfriend of Foxx’s for many years, the two still keep in close contact with one another, which is why rumors of their reconciliation continue to circulate. Here’s everything we know about the two’s relationship, and whether or not there’s a possibility they might get back together.

Jamie Foxx And Kristin Grannis Have A Daughter

Jamie Foxx is notoriously private about his personal life, particularly when it comes to his daughters, particularly his youngest daughter, Annalise Bishop, whom he shares with Kristin Grannis. Annalise was born in 2009, making her about 11-years-old. For years, there was some speculation about who the girl’s mother could be since Foxx managed to keep even that amount of information a closely held secret. Eventually, however, Grannis was spotted with their daughter, effectively revealing her identity.

Jamie Foxx attends the premiere of The Lion King with his daughter and her friends
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Despite his own fame, Foxx’s primary concern as a father of two girls is their privacy and how important it is for them to grow up outside of the limelight. Still, on occasion he brings his daughters along with him to certain events, proudly displaying his status as a “Girl Dad.” It’s through these kinds of events that Foxx’s fans got their first chance to see his youngest daughter.

It’s quite clear that the young girl has her famous dad wrapped around her finger, and it’s even more obvious that Foxx wouldn’t have it any other way. Whenever there’s a new film release that catches young Annalise’s eye, Foxx is certain to bring her along to the screening. Sometimes, Foxx brings his young daughter to his own movie screenings so she gets the chance to see her dad up on the big screen.

Jamie Foxx and his two daughters, plus their friends, attend the Baby Driver premiere
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Even though he and Grannis are no longer a couple, Foxx still takes time to do things with his ex and daughter as a family. One of their traditions is to visit Disneyland together. That beloved tradition might be on hold this year, however, since the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has effectively closed the California theme park. Regardless, Foxx and Grannis will likely find a new tradition to show off their co-parenting skills like they did this Memorial Day when they took their daughter for a trip on a luxurious yacht. It’s been remarked that the two seem pretty close, something that the tabloids have definitely picked up on.

Grannis Is A Frequent Gossip Mention

Back in 2018, when Jamie Foxx was still dating his now ex-girlfriend Katie Holmes, MediaTakeOut claimed the actor had dumped his actress Holmes and gotten back together with Kristin Grannis. Calling the co-parents “lovers,” the gossip site went on to say, “The two were openly showing their affection, as Kristin was spotted hugging the actor.”

Gossip Cop rightly pointed out that Grannis and Foxx had stepped out together multiple times that year alone, both with and without their daughter. In addition to being co-parents, the two seem to be good friends and maintain a very positive relationship with each other, despite the fact that they’ve been broken up for quite some time now.

Last year, Woman’s Day insisted Holmes was furious with Foxx because of the trip to Disneyland he’d taken with his ex and daughter. A source for the tabloid confided, “Katie's always felt threatened by Jamie's close relationship with Kristin,” adding,

While she understands he needs to be on amicable terms with her for Annalise's sake, Katie's made it clear that she feels extremely uncomfortable with how much time they spend together.

The supposed tattler claimed Holmes accused Foxx of being “flirtatious” with his ex, and was especially livid over the fact that Grannis had allegedly spent the night at the actor’s home. “Katie was in tears when she confronted him on the phone, saying he'd crossed the line with his disrespectful behavior, and telling him it was over in her furious and tearful rage,” the source explained.

After the two spent some time apart, giving Holmes enough time to cool off, they allegedly came back together for another chat, where Holmes supposedly “told Jamie in no uncertain terms that unless he creates stricter boundaries with Kristin and goes to more effort proving his devotion and loyalty to her, she'll have no choice but to walk away.”

Gossip Cop didn’t believe this phony story for a moment. We checked in with our source close to Holmes who assured us that the actress wasn’t angry over the time Foxx spent with the mother of his daughter at the Disney theme park, nor did she believe that he was being too friendly with Grannis. The story was completely false, from top to bottom.

They Got Dinner Together Earlier This Year

What is true is that Kristin Grannis and Jamie Foxx clearly enjoy spending time together, even when their daughter isn’t involved in the festivities. The two were seen heading to Nobu, a restaurant in Malibu, in July to grab dinner together. After the two ate, they both hopped into Foxx’s car and drove off together.

It’s actually rather refreshing to see a pair of exes, especially exes who share custody of a young child, get along so well, and go out of their way to spend time with each other. While some people mistakenly believe that Foxx and Grannis are working towards a reconciliation of sorts, it seems that the former couple is just fine with being co-parents and friends at the moment. Besides, it seems that Foxx has already set his sights on someone else, though that “someone” is a bit of a mystery at the moment.

So Is He Dating Anyone At The Moment?

Foxx was recently seen entering an upscale hotel late at night in the company of a blonde woman wearing ripped jeans. Both were wearing CDC recommended face masks, so identifying the woman proved to be nearly impossible, but Foxx was readily recognized. He left the hotel the next day on his own, which verified that he was the man in the picture. It’s possible that the woman is Foxx’s new fling, but that will be hard to verify since the actor is fiercely protective of his privacy and personal relationships, which is to be expected.

With that in mind, Gossip Cop finds it unlikely that the actor will get back together with Kristin Grannis. Regardless of whether he’s currently dating around or secretly already in a relationship, he’s likely to continue closely guarding his relationship status. That’s the behavior we’ve come to expect from Foxx, and he hasn’t disappointed us yet.


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