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Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky have got to be one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood today. Hemsworth and Pataky first began dating back in the beginning of 2010, and they ended up married just before the end of the year. Since then, the couple has welcomed three children: India Rose in 2012 and twins Sasha and Tristan in 2014. Together, the couple moved out of Los Angeles and to Hemsworth’s native Australia.

Still, for such a long-lasting relationship, there’s an impressive amount of rumors and gossip about the two. Although Pataky is a successful actress and model in her own right, her status as "Hemsworth’s wife" throughout his rapid ascent to one of the most popular actors in the world has brought on an entirely different amount of scrutiny.

We’ve compiled everything we’ve ever heard and learned about Pataky, and the results aren’t pretty. When compared to what’s going on in their relationship right now, it just gets even starker.

One of the most frequent subjects in rumors about Elsa Pataky is her view of other women. After Chris Hemsworth was photographed in a surprise run-in with his ex Isabel Lucas, NW reported that his wife was less than pleased. "It's only natural that Elsa might get jealous from time to time," an anonymous source told the magazine, adding that she was straight-up “furious” over this incident.

The Amount Of Elsa Pataky Vs. “The Other Woman” Stories Is Wild

NW also found that Pataky was at odds with Hemsworth’s Thor: Ragnarok and Men in Black: International co-star Tessa Thompson. In what the magazine described as a “A Star Is Born situation,” Pataky told Thompson to back off of her husband after the two seemed to get a little bit too chummy. “Elsa issued Tessa with a stark reminder that Chris is spoken for," another unnamed tipster argued. "She couldn't bear another red-carpet flirt session where everyone gets to hear how incredible Chris and Tessa's friendship is, so she turned up and basically pulled her aside and said, 'Hands off my man.'"

Tessa Thompson wasn’t the only co-star to get called out in the gossip pages. Dakota Johnson, one of Hemsworth’s co-stars in Bad Times at the El Royale, supposedly invoked Elsa Pataky’s wrath as well. Johnson made a few joking comments about how the entire cast and crew were distracted by Hemsworth’s physique on the set to Vogue Australia, which apparently didn’t go over well with his wife. “Elsa is annoyed, and she's let it be known that Dakota better keep her hands off," an anonymous source said, although they never explain how she delivered her message. "Chris is a handsome man and Elsa understands a lot of women will be gawking but make no mistake, he's her man and the father of her children."

After Chris Hemsworth was caught by paparazzi talking with a few female fans, Woman’s Day published an article about Pataky’s reaction to the seemingly innocuous encounter. "She gets that he has to be nice to people for his reputation, but Elsa can tell he was doing much more than that,” an anonymous source said. “Elsa trusts Chris — it's other women she doesn't trust and she's been forcibly shoved out of the way by women trying to get their hands on him. It drives her crazy, and as far as she's concerned, the last thing she needs is Chris encouraging them."

It’s Apparently Not Easy Being Chris Hemsworth’s Wife

Woman’s Day reported that Hemsworth and his wife were in a bit of trouble when she was left to prepare for Christmas alone with their kids while Hemsworth was across the globe shooting a commercial. According to the outlet’s sources, it wasn’t an uncommon event, and it was wearing on Pataky. "Yet again, Elsa's at home with the children while Chris gallivants around the globe," one unidentified source said. "It must be so hard for her, stuck in [Bryon Bay] where she has no close family, raising three kids under the age of seven."

Owing to his status as an A-list actor, Chris Hemsworth’s incredibly busy schedule is a recurring theme in a lot of the rumors about their relationship. Life & Style said that the two were nearly on the outs after yet another disagreement over Hemsworth’s time. "They're clashing over Chris' schedule a lot,” one tipster said. “After promising to take a break from acting, he signed up to star in a bunch of movies. Elsa's furious and has accused him of going back on his word." The outlet’s sources also argued that Pataky has "mostly given up her career to raise their kids and can't help feeling their marriage is one-sided at times."

Life & Style again referred to the couple’s apparently long-running disagreement over Hemsworth’s increasingly busy career after news broke of a new variety of projects. "She can't believe Chris has gone back on his word," a source revealed, saying that the Thor actor had promised to reduce his workload before the bevy of new commitments. The insider concluded by saying that Pataky felt like Hemsworth has been "prioritizing movies over their marriage" to the point where "it feels like they're leading completely separate lives."

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It’s not just scheduling that seems to spark up arguments between the couple. While on the press tour for Men in Black: International, Woman’s Day found that Pataky was furious with her husband after he went out with a few buddies he brought along and partied a little too much — a problem the magazine said was ongoing. "Here she was thinking he was there to work and then he turns the trip into some sort of party," an apparent insider claimed.

Fortunately, there isn’t just explicitly negative gossip about the couple. After news broke of Hemsworth’s brother Liam divorcing Miley Cyrus, one of OK!’s source said that it inspired Chris Hemsworth and his wife to buckle down their marriage. "In the past, it seemed Chris and Elsa were always butting heads over something, but after Liam's horrendous experience, they realized what they have is precious,” the insider claimed. “Chris' extra gratitude and attention is obviously working — they're closer than ever."

What’s Really Going On With Elsa Pataky And Chris Hemsworth

Although rumors may indicate that their marriage is a hotbed of fights and disagreements, the couple seem to be totally unconcerned about the sheer amount of gossip about their lives. In fact, their relationship looks to be absolutely thriving in quarantine. Of course, all legitimate signs point to a happy marriage, as they have for essentially a decade now — Gossip Cop has investigated enough of the rumors about the two to know that the couple is nothing but solid. Pataky and Hemsworth have been safely taking care of each other and their family in careful quarantine, and if their social media profiles are anything to go by, they’re having an incredible time as husband and wife.

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