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Katie Holmes has long been rumored by the tabloids to be pining after her ex-boyfriend Jamie Foxx, but clearly the Batman Begins actress has moved on from the six-year long relationship. Her new romance with celebrity chef Emilio Vitolo Jr. has been surprisingly public, especially considering Holmes’ private nature. The couple’s PDA could be seen all over New York City, and apparently neither Holmes nor Vitolo Jr care who sees their love.

Katie Holmes Typically Isn’t The Kind To Kiss And Tell

Katie Holmes has been incredibly private about her past high-profile relationships, which is why it’s such a surprise to see how open the actress is about her newest relationship with Emilio Vitolo Jr. In some ways, this new love is a bit reminiscent of how Holmes’ relationship with her now ex-husband, Tom Cruise, began.

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In those heady, early days of the two’s relationship, particularly after they became engaged, Holmes and Cruise were rarely seen apart. Their red carpet appearances were filled with romantic gushings about each other, and there was a ton of physical affection displayed between them. Those good times didn’t last, however, and in 2012, a short six years after their star-studded wedding, Cruise and Holmes divorced, with Holmes receiving primary custody of the former couple’s daughter, Suri.

In the years following their divorce, Holmes has refused to talk about her ex, their marriage, or his relationship (or seeming lack thereof) with their daughter. That new air of caution followed her into her next high-profile romance with comedian Jamie Foxx. For six years, the two enjoyed a secretive relationship, though they did eventually make their couple debut at the 2019 Met Gala. The relationship fizzled out a few months later and the two went their separate ways. Holmes remained single over the next few months, though there was endless speculation from the tabloids about which Hollywood hunk had caught her eye. It wasn’t until late in the summer of this year that Holmes finally shed her single status.

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How Katie Holmes And Emilio Vitolo Jr. Hit It Off

Early in September, Holmes and Vitolo Jr. were spotted having drinks at a Mediterranean restaurant in SoHo. This was apparently not the first time the two had met, since Vitolo Jr had commented on one of Holmes’ Instagram photos a few months earlier in July. The comment was simply a heart-eye emoji, but it seems to be proof that the two had some previous knowledge of each other in the weeks before they were first spotted in public.

At any rate, the dinner date was apparently a smashing success, since Vitolo Jr. and Holmes were spotted out on another New York City date, but it was clear that they’d progressed quite a bit in their relationship. The usually coy Holmes was publicly smooching her new beau. Though both were wearing face masks, as recommended by the CDC in order to combat the spread of COVID-19, they’d pulled their face coverings down in order to sneak a quick kiss in.

That was far from the only time the new couple engaged in very public PDA sessions. In fact, many of the two’s dates have played out in the public eye. Holmes even had dinner with her new boyfriend and his dad at a New York restaurant, where the three were photographed enjoying a quiet evening together on the outdoor patio. Perhaps the very public nature of this new romance is why the tabloids have been so bold with their reporting about Holmes and Vitolo Jr.

Katie Holmes wearing a pink and black dress attends the premiere of Jack And Jill

They’re Already Quite Popular With The Tabloids

Though it’s only been a few months since the two started dating, the tabloids have already become overrun with conflicting reports about where Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr.’s relationship is going. A few weeks after the couple went public with their romance, the National Enquirer claimed “love-hungry” Holmes was gearing up to go to “battle” with Vitolo Jr’s ex-fianceé, Rachel Emmons.

Gossip Cop had reason to doubt the reporting, especially after the tabloid claimed that “jilted” Emmons supposedly had some sort of plan to get her revenge. We reached out to a source close to the situation who assured us that there was no bad blood between the two ladies, nor was there any truth to rumors of the two fighting over Vitolo Jr.

The rumors continued to pile up, with some outlets making Vitolo Jr. out to be a cheater just weeks into the relationship. Star, referring to the chef as a “ladies’ guy,” implied that the relationship was already doomed to fail because Vitolo Jr. was supposedly “texting a bunch of girls” to let them know he and Holmes “aren’t nearly as serious as they seem.” Holmes, a source insisted, was totally unaware of what her new beau was getting up to behind her back and was allegedly “wrapped around his finger.” The source went so far as to say Homes was “obsessed” with Vitolo Jr. and even considering eloping with the younger man.

Obviously, every single part of this story was totally and completely incorrect. When this tall tale was published, Holmes and Vitolo Jr. had only been going out for a few weeks, and the two were spotted together frequently during that time. There didn’t seem to be a lot of spare time for Vitolo Jr. to cheat, if he was so inclined. It’s also quite insulting for the tabloid and its sources to claim that Holmes, a 41-year-old single mother and divorcee with a successful career of her own, was too naive to suspect anything of her new paramour. A rep for Holmes said the rumors were totally off base, confirming our already aroused suspicions.

Not all the rumors have been entirely negative, but that doesn’t mean that these whoppers have any truth to them, either. A few outlets have claimed that the actress is already so smitten with her chef boyfriend that she’s ready to run off and get married as soon as possible. Heat reported late last month that Holmes was ready to elope with Vitolo Jr., but the actress’ rep told us on the record that the story was absolutely untrue.

Katie Holmes wearing a blue dress to the Met Gala
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Equally false was the Woman’s Day article from earlier this month that insisted Holmes was hearing wedding bells in her future, meaning that she was eager to marry her boyfriend of a few short months. After the two had been spotted on a tour of a church, a source told the outlet that the two were possibly scoping out a place to get married, adding,

Marrying in a Catholic Church would be the most fitting final middle finger from Katie to Tom Cruise before she closes that chapter of her life forever.

While Gossip Cop is more than certain the couple is very happy together, there’s no proof that the two are planning on getting hitched any time soon, though the tabloids will likely continue reporting otherwise. When outlets aren’t claiming Vitolo Jr. and Holmes are rushing to get married, they’re reporting that Holmes is already pregnant with their first child together.

That same tabloid claimed earlier this week that Holmes was already pregnant with Vitolo Jr’.s baby. Holmes, the publication insisted, had begged Jamie Foxx for another child, but he refused,” but now that her relationship with Vitolo Jr. had progressed to the two of them exchanging “I love yous,” Holmes apparently felt certain that she’d found the future father of her child. If Holmes wasn’t already pregnant, the tabloid and its source argued, then she would be so very shortly.

Gossip Cop ripped into this outlet for treating Holmes, an incredibly accomplished, complicated woman, as nothing more than a stereotypical “baby-crazy” woman desperate to outrun her biological clock by convincing a man, any man, to get her pregnant. If Holmes didn’t have a baby with someone she dated for years, it seems unlikely that she’d pop one out with a guy she only started dating a few months ago.

These tabloids claim to have intricate, inside knowledge of Holmes’ personal life, but every report falls short of the truth. In a truly stunning turn of events, Holmes is being very open with this latest relationship, and it honestly seems to make her very happy. This is an entirely new phase in Holmes’ life, and it’s unlikely that she’ll let the tabloid media get in the way of it.


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