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Camilla Parker Bowles, second wife to Prince Charles, has been at the center of a series of strange rumors concerning her relationship with the other members of the British royal family. Gossip Cop noticed a trend in the way tabloids wrote about the Duchess of Cornwall and decided to take a second look back at our past busts to determine whether our judgement was correct.

Camilla Parker Bowles "Brawls" With The Queen

There have been several rumors about Camilla Parker Bowles fighting with various members of "The Firm." Last year, the Globe reported that Bowles got into a “drunken” brawl with Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. A so-called “royal insider” told the outlet that the Duchess of Cornwall was knocking back gin and tonics during the first part of evening before downing a bottle of red wine. After Parker Bowles was supposedly good and drunk, she and her royal mother-in-law got into an argument, though the insider was surprisingly mum about what caused the conflict.

Regardless, the insider claimed Parker Bowles “leapt to her feet, stormed across the room to where Her Majesty was sitting and threw her wine right in the queen's face.” Things only got more physical from there, the source continued, “Camilla grabbed Her Majesty by the throat, ripping away a priceless pearl necklace that once belonged to Queen Victoria.” Parker Bowles was pulled off the queen by Prince Andrew and royal guards supposedly locked Bowles away in her chambers, only to be let out for a select few events. None of this was true, Gossip Cop discovered. The ridiculous story was riddled with inaccuracies, not to mention being completely over the top, which tipped us off to its phony nature.

Prince Charles Letting Parker Bowles Die?

That same outlet was also behind the ridiculous claims that Prince Charles was allowing his wife to die of liver cancer rather than go through a costly divorce. The duchess had been supposedly threatening to divorce Prince Charles unless she was made queen. Parker Bowles then allegedly discovered she was in need of a liver transplant in order to beat liver cancer, but Prince Charles was refusing to use his influence to push her higher on the transplant list.

“He says it would be a public relations disaster if the royals were seen to steal a liver from a desperate young person,” a suspicious source revealed, “But the chilling truth is Camilla’s cancer is the answer to Charles’ prayers.” Not one word of this was true. Not only did Parker Bowles never threaten to divorce Prince Charles as far as anyone is aware, there’s also no evidence that the duchess had any sort of liver malady in the first place. Gossip Cop determined this report was completely false.

Battling Kate Middleton For The Throne?

It’s not just the older generation of royals that Parker Bowles supposedly struggles to get along with. This May, New Idea claimed Camilla Parker Bowles was fighting with Kate Middleton for the throne. The Duchess of Cornwall was allegedly upset with Middleton for stepping up during the coronavirus pandemic and stealing the spotlight from Parker Bowles. “Camilla is not going down without a fight,” the often debunked tabloid’s source insisted.

It bears repeating, since these sorts of outlets get this wrong so often, there’s no use for Parker Bowles and Middleton to supposedly “fight” over the throne since the heir has already been determined. Prince Charles will be the next king of England and only Parliament has the power to decide otherwise. Unless Prince Charles abdicates the throne, he will be king and Parker Bowles will be titled Princess Consort. Gossip Cop found this story to be utterly ridiculous and completely false.

Camilla Parker Bowles, Meghan Markle Jewel Thieves?

One final story comes from the same outlet, which claimed at the beginning of July that Queen Elizabeth suspected both Meghan Markle and Camilla Parker Bowles of being jewel thieves. The outlet used several elements of trickery to deceive readers into believing that the wives of Prince Harry and Prince Charles were no better than thieves, but that was not the case.

The jewels in question were stolen in 1995, which makes Meghan Markle an unlikely suspect, since she was born in 1981, which would make her about 14-years-old at the time of the crime. The seemingly phony source for the outlet was undaunted, however, and insisted that “the Queen is getting more protective of her jewels in her late age, probably because everyone from Camilla to Meghan to Fergie have their beady eyes on them!” There was absolutely no truth to this bizarre story.

The outlet seemingly only mentioned Parker Bowles and Markle as potential culprits since they seem to be the least popular members of the royal family, as far as the tabloids are concerned. These types of outlets have had it out for Camilla Parker Bowles since before she even married Prince Charles. The duchess is often considered to be the catalyst behind Prince Charles’ divorce from Princess Diana, who was a much beloved public figure. Therefore she’s often scapegoated and unfairly targeted by tabloids desperate to make her out to be the bad guy.


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