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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce was contentious, to say the least, and their custody battle has dragged on for years in court. Since there’s nothing tabloids love more than negativity, plenty of disreputable outlets have covered every conceivable angle about the former couple’s custody struggles. Gossip Cop has rounded up a few of the most recent times we've correct some poor reporting.

Last summer, Star reported that Jolie was planning on using a video of Brad Pitt drunk as her “ace in the hole” for their custody battle. The alleged footage supposedly showed the aftermath of the confrontation that led to Jolie filing for divorce. If you’ll recall, Pitt and Jolie split over an incident that transpired between Pitt and the former couple’s oldest son, Maddox, on board a private plane from France to LA.

This video allegedly took place right after the family landed and featured Pitt stumbling out of the jet and going on a “drunken joyride” in an airport golf cart. "Angie sees this as her ace in the hole. Ever since she saw the video, Angie has been up all night plotting, talking to her lawyers and taking notes," a so-called “insider told the outlet, continuing, "She is fully prepared to leak the video to news media to get what she wants... If this video becomes public, it would crush him. But Angie is so fixated on winning this court battle, she doesn't care."

Gossip Cop looked into the rumor and determined there was no truth to it. If Jolie had planned to use such footage in her custody battle with Pitt, she would have already used it at that point. That’s if the video existed in the first place, which the outlet provided no proof of. Besides, it had already been widely reported that Pitt had received more custody and time with his children with Jolie. This report was absolutely false.

Months later, Australian tabloid NW claimed Jolie was worried Pitt would use new footage featuring the actress supposedly engaging in drug use. A man named Franklin Meyer, who claimed to be Jolie’s former drug dealer, outlet maintained, planned to release additional footage that the actress feared would cause her custody battle with Pitt to turn against her. "Having Franklin rear his ugly head again with threats to release more sordid details of her past is the absolute last thing Ange needs right now," a so-called source told the publication.

Gossip Cop called foul on several parts of this story. First of all, Meyer first released the video that allegedly showed Jolie high on drugs decades ago. Jolie has since stopped all drug use and has been very open about that period of her life. Also, the last time Meyer spoke publicly about Jolie was in 2014 in an interview with RadarOnline. This shady tabloid was merely exploiting these old details and trying their best to make it relevant to what’s happening in Jolie’s life now.

New Idea claimed Angelina Jolie was going on a hunger strike in the middle of her “custody talks” with Brad Pitt. "She's barely 100lbs right now, and nobody around her can remember the last time she ate a full meal,” a suspicious, anonymous source told the magazine. Though the cover claimed Jolie’s incredibly low weight was due to a so-called “hunger strike,” but inside the trashy gossip rag, the article backs off that premise immediately.

Instead, Jolie was supposedly so stressed by splitting her time between traveling with her children in Europe and bringing them back to LA every week that she was forgetting to eat. This classic bait and switch is a common tactic used by tabloids to trick people into reading their nonsense, which is what tipped Gossip Cop off to this phony story. And we’d already busted this outlet in the past, of course. In October of last year, the same tabloid published almost the exact same story. It wasn't true either time.

Just two months ago, Woman’s Day claimed Jolie was reigniting her custody battle with Pitt over his renewed friendship with Jennifer Aniston. Jolie was supposedly furious over Pitt and Aniston’s reunion at the SAG Awards earlier this year. The Maleficent actress was so infuriated, in fact, that she’d “privately demanded that Jen be banned from seeing her kids" and even "filed for a new child custody evaluation against Brad." Pitt was allegedly “devastated” over Jolie’s decision and apparently described it as “a desperate act to try to destroy his happiness." Alas, nothing this melodramatic ever took place.

Gossip Cop reached out to our source close to the actress who assured us Jolie was not seeking full custody of the former spouses’ children. We also noted that the moment shared by Aniston and Pitt at the SAG Awards was amicable, enthusiastic, and very, very brief. Jolie had no reason to seek revenge against Pitt or Aniston, not that she ever tried. Tabloids will keep printing false stories about the former spouses because they’re certain people are interested in learning more about the stars’ lives. Whether or not those stories are true doesn’t worry the outlets whatsoever.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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