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What happened to Jennifer Aniston dating Will Arnett? In the wake of her split from Justin Theroux in February 2018, the tabloids began wrongly linking the former "Friends" star to a number of men, with one magazine alleging Aniston was in a budding "romance" with Arnett two months after separating from Theroux. One year ago today, Gossip Cop debunked that claim, and not only was our reporting spot-on, but time has also proven Aniston and the "Arrested Development" star are not in a relationship.

On April 12, 2018, Grazia maintained Aniston and Arnett were getting "close." And to back up its premise, the publication had an unidentified source who shared the two had so much "in common." The tipster related how they're both "funny," "divorced twice," and have a number of mutual friends, including Jason Bateman, who wanted nothing more than the two of them to "find happiness together."

As Gossip Cop noted 12 months ago, other than traveling in the same circles, their lives are actually not similar at all. Arnett has two kids with his second ex-wife Amy Poehler. (His first wife was Penelope Ann Miller.) And being a dad of two boys with various co-parenting commitments and responsibilities is very different from Aniston's life. Additionally, although a minor point, to date Aniston has only been divorced once (from Brad Pitt), not "twice" as the outlet claimed.

As opposed to the magazine's article, which was based entirely on speculation and an anonymous "source," Arnett's rep specifically went on the record with Gossip Cop to correct the rumor, telling us they are just friends. And now 365 days later, it's abundantly clear Aniston and Arnett have not been dating.

In the year since that article, Grazia hasn't gotten any more accurate with its stories about Aniston. A little more than two weeks after the piece about Arnett, the same publication insisted Aniston and Theroux's split had turned "toxic." Not only did a rep for the "The Leftovers" star tell us back then it was completely "false," but Theroux himself would later reveal to the New York Times there's absolutely "no animosity" between them.

Earlier this year, the same tabloid went on to contend Aniston hired an "interior therapist" to cleanse her home of any trace of Theroux. Once again, the outlet relied on an unnamed and untraceable "source," who babbled on about how the actress was "releasing the past" from her house. Aniston's rep, however, assured Gossip Cop the tale was 100 percent "bogus."

The magazine has also been dead wrong with its narratives about Aniston and her first husband. After the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star stopped by her 50th birthday party this past February, the tabloid manufactured a story about how Aniston and Pitt had a secret meeting on the Sony lot to discuss movie projects. It bears mentioning how no one else spotted them at the studio, even though the outlet asserted they were there for "three hours." What's more, reps for both Aniston and Pitt told Gossip Cop the report was fabricated, and the supposed meeting never happened.

In just this post alone, Gossip Cop has highlighted four instances in which the outlet published wholly fictitious stories. It's for this reason that we revisit reports from the year before, and remind our readers how they need to be skeptical of unsourced tabloid tales. Conversely, not only does Gossip Cop make a point of fact-checking every article, but we also openly and transparently display where our information has come from. As a result, our posts about Aniston and others remain accurate over time.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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