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Last year, a rumor was pushed around by a tabloid that Victoria and David Beckham were getting a divorce. Gossip Cop looked into the story when it came out. Here’s a look back on the story.

David And Victoria Beckham Too Busy For Their Marriage?

Last September, OK! ran the headline “Is It Over?” which pertained to Victoria and David Beckham. The magazine alleged that the Beckhams were having problems because their schedules became too hectic once they went back to working full-time. After a summer of going on vacations and PDA, the publication said that “their summer closeness has disappeared.”

An insider told the outlet, "David thought those last few months have shown Victoria what their lives could be if they both just slowed down and enjoyed themselves a bit more.” David was even "hanging his hopes on it," the source added. "But," the insider continued, "instead, it was back to work for her, and back to all the same old frustrations for him."

Did The Couple Divorce? 

At the time, David had launched his Miami soccer team and Victoria was working on her makeup line. However, David and Victoria Beckham have always had very busy careers. Victoria was a Spice Girl for years, while David was a very prominent soccer star.

To suggest that the couple's careers were becoming an issue in their marriage just didn’t sit well with Gossip Cop. We checked with a source close to the Beckhams, who assured us the story was rubbish. Now, a year later, it’s even more evident that the tabloid’s tale made absolutely no sense. The couple is still very much together and is happy.

More Lies About The Beckham Family

Still, OK! has continued to create various false narratives about the pair. Last March, the outlet claimed that David and Victoria Beckham were renewing their vows in an attempt to dispel the divorce and cheating rumors. The publication maintained the couple was tired of being the center of so much gossip and believed renewing their vows was the best way to turn a new leaf. Gossip Cop had learned from a spokesperson for Victoria that the two had no plans to renew their vows.

Two years ago, the magazine purported that the Beckhams were getting a $1.2 billion divorce. The reason for the decision, it claimed, was David’s alleged infidelity and the couple “growing apart” as a result. Gossip Cop, however, debunked the phony tale after speaking to a rep for Victoria, who dismissed the report.

Despite what these unreliable tabloids try to convey, all is well in the Beckham household. After all, the only ones talking divorce are the magazines that can't even get the basic facts straight.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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