Last year, a tabloid claimed Charlize Theron was going on a date with Trevor Noah. The story was inaccurate. Gossip Cop busted the phony story when it came out. Since the two aren’t dating, it’s clear the tabloid had no idea what it was trying to convey.

On May 26, 2019, Life & Style, asserted that Noah finally decided to act on the crush he’s had for Theron and asked her out on a date. The South African-natives have been friendly for years and even collaborated on a campaign in 2017 to empower the youth in their shared homeland. The publication, however, contended that the “timing was never right” for the two in the past to date since "he was either in a relationship or she was just too busy being a mom to commit."

A so-called told the outlet that Noah finally “got the nerve to ask Charlize out on a date, and of course, she said yes." Unfortunately, this never happened. Charlize Theron was never asked out on a date by Trevor Noah. It’s been a year since the story came out and neither Theron or Noah spoke on a so-called “date” happening. Also, Gossip Cop learned exclusively from a source close to Theron that the story was fabricated. We also checked in with an individual from Noah’s camp who confirmed nothing was going on between the two.

Additionally, Noah was in a relationship with Jordyn Taylor at the time. As for Theron, the actress shared last month that she is dating a “really cool dude.” “I went on a date maybe, like, a month ago. I had a great date, I've got to tell you. I had an incredible date. This guy impressed me,” the actress stated during an interview with Howard Stern on his Sirus XM Radio show. Moreover, Life & Style has a poor track record when it comes to reporting on Theron’s love life.

In June 2018, the tabloid falsely claimed Theron was dating Alexander Skarsgard. The phony story alleged the two “rekindled” their past romance and the two were constantly “hooking up and flirting” with each other while on the set of their film, Flarsky. This wasn’t true. The story came out six months after the movie wrapped up production. Gossip Cop dismissed the poorly-timed false narrative when it came out.

In April 2019, the magazine insisted Ben Affleck’s friends wanted him to date Theron or Halle Berry. The outlet maintained that the actor’s friends were “eager” for Affleck to find a new leading lady. This couldn’t have been further from the truth. Gossip Cop checked in with a spokesperson for Affleck who assured us the story was incorrect. It's clear the tabloid has no insider knowledge on Charlize Theron's love life or Trevor Noah's, for that matter.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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