‘Whaboom’ Lucas Yancey ‘Good Morning America’ Interview About ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel, Elimination (VIDEO)

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Whaboom GMA

By Michael Lewittes |

Whaboom GMA


Lucas Yancey, aka “Whaboom,” appeared on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America” after being sent home by Rachel Lindsay on Monday’s “The Bachelorette.” The eliminated suitor talked about being surprised that he was eliminated, offered a prediction about who Rachel will end up with, and of course repeatedly sprinkled his talk with “GMA” anchor Lara Spencer with the word “Whaboom.” Check out the video below.

After being asked how long he’s been shaking his head wildly and yelling the word “Whaboom,” Lucas feebly joked that it’s been a part of his life ever “since the womb.” Next, he tried to plug that he has a “big Whaboom song coming out.” Spencer then successfully veered the conversation away Lucas’ brand and more toward “The Bachelorette.” While no one else was shocked he was sent packing, Lucas said, “I was surprised that I was eliminated, because I thought we had a good connection.” “There’s more to me that just the whaboom,” he added perhaps even sincerely. “There’s a heart and soul and depth to my personality.”

Lucas claimed it was a “load off my back” to be booted from “The Bachelorette” alongside his rival Blake Elarbee, a personal trainer from Venice, California. He said if he were Rachel, “I would have done the same thing… I don’t want this drama. Get rid of these guys.” As Gossip Cop previously reported, Whaboom and Blake knew each other from before “The Bachelorette,” and spent a good chunk of their time alone with Rachel trying to get the other kicked off the reality dating show. After they were both sent home on Monday, Blake got in Lucas’ face outside the mansion and screamed, “F*ck you, bro” and “You’re a piece of sh*t.” Blake further contended that Lucas was a failed comedian, who only appeared on “The Bachelorette” to be on TV.

During his “Good Morning America” exit interview, Lucas didn’t completely dispel that he on the show for fleeting fame, but he also maintained to Spencer that he appeared on the series to see “if there’s love.” “I gave her a chance,” he said. Lucas claimed, “I feel like we had a good connection mentally,” but acknowledged he and Rachel didn’t have that romantic spark. Finally, when pressed about who he thought Rachel would get engaged to, Lucas answered, “I think it will be Josiah.” Like Rachel, Josiah is also attorney. Check out the interview below of Lucas “Whaboom” Yancey on “GMA.”

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