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Did Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy separate following the college admissions bribery scandal? A year ago today, Gossip Cop busted a tabloid for pushing that bogus rumor. It remains just as absurd today.

Last spring, Huffman pled guilty to paying $15,000 to have her daughter’s SAT scores inflated, one of the many wealthy parents hit with fraud charges in last year’s scandal. As she awaited sentencing, Life & Style published an article alleging that her husband had all but walked out on her during the process. “They sleep in separate bedrooms because they’re arguing so much,” said a supposed tipster, adding that Huffman was “terrified of the prospect of going to jail” while Macy was “trying his best to get on wit his life.”

Gossip Cop checked in with a spokesperson for the beloved Hollywood couple, who confirmed for us that the story was not true. On the contrary, we were told Macy had been supporting his wife throughout the legal process and spending lots of time with her. They’d also been spotted out on a hike together the month before – clearly, they had not separated.

In the passing months since we debunked this story, Huffman was sentenced to only 14 days in jail, served only 11, got out, and is back living with Macy and their kids in LA. In all that time, Macy has stood by his wife. In September, shortly before she was sentenced, Macy wrote a letter of support to the judge in her case speaking in defense of his wife’s actions. He also visited her in prison, and the two of them have been spotted around LA together since she finished serving her time. Meanwhile, both of their daughters have gained admittance to colleges on their own merit.

It may have been exciting while it lasted, but the bribery scandal chapter of Huffman’s life has pretty much closed. But oh boy, did the tabloids have fun with it: shortly after the scandal first broke last March, Gossip Cop busted Life & Style for claiming that Huffman and Macy were headed for divorce because of it. As with the June article, we were informed by Macy and Huffman’s spokesperson that the story was completely bogus. Three months later, when it became clear that they weren’t divorcing, the tabloid backtracked and merely said they were “living separate lives.”

Life & Style’s sister publication, National Enquirer, pushed its own phony rumors about Huffman in the scandal. In November, Gossip Cop debunked a story from that outlet about how Huffman was supposedly taunting Lori Loughlin, the other well-known actress caught up in the scandal, for not taking a plea deal like she did. In fact, Loughlin had reached out to Huffman before she started her sentence in the hopes of hearing advice from the other actress about her experience. Additionally, Gossip Cop was told by Huffman’s rep that the story was complete nonsense.

A note about that last one: though Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli had initially intended to plead not guilty to their charges, which were much heavier than Huffman’s, it was reported a couple weeks ago that they had both agreed to a plea deal. The Full House actress will serve two months in prison, longer than Huffman’s sentence but still significantly shorter than the forty years she reportedly could have served. Both actresses have given the tabloids a lot of material over the past year or so, but ultimately the conclusion for each one doesn’t exactly live up to all the hype.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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