Wendy Williams: Taylor Swift Is “Mean” (VIDEO)

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Wendy Williams Taylor Swift

By Michael Lewittes |

Wendy Williams Taylor Swift


Wendy Williams believes Taylor Swift is not just “mean,” but that she’s the “queen of the mean.” The talk-show host expressed that unpopular opinion and more on her Monday show. Watch the video below.

Williams began by noting that “Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have both lost their crowns” to Swift, who has now “officially become the most popular person on Instagram.” And while Kardashian and Beyonce tend to post “sexualized” pictures, often with cleavage, Williams pointed out, “All Taylor does is expose pictures of her cats.”

But right when it seemed like Williams was going to further praise Swift for not having to expose herself just to gain followers, she did an about-face and began to attack the singer for supposedly being secretly “mean.” Williams offered, “I think she’s probably meaner than Beyonce and Kim put together.” Not done, she continued, “In my mind, Taylor Swift is the queen of the mean,” adding that “she’s sneaky and smart about doing it.”

“She’s got her girl army hypnotized to think that she’s the bees knees,” Williams continued. And one of the ways Swift, who now has more than 50 million Instagram followers, is supposedly pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, argued Williams, is by posting pictures of herself baking and cooking with her girlfriends. “We’ve never seen Kim and Beyonce bake and cook,” said the host before alleging Swift’s “trying to trick us into making us think she’s a good woman ’cause she bakes and cooks.”

Well, Gossip Cop knows one woman who probably won’t be invited to join Swift’s squad. In any event, check out the video below, starting at the 9-minute mark, and tell us what you think about Wendy Williams calling Taylor Swift the “queen of the mean.” NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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