Wendy Williams is not worried that Nick Cannon is trying to steal her talk show from her, despite a phony report. Gossip Cop can correct the story. It's completely made-up.

An item on the blog Naughty Gossip says Williams fears that Cannon, who filled in for her on The Wendy Williams Show earlier this year, wants her job and is being sneaky about taking it. The website claims to have a spoked to a source, who says, "Nick signed a deal behind her back with her producers" to get his own talk show. The blog is completely off-base in its reporting, Cannon isn't coming for anyone's position.

It's time we clean up the facts here. Cannon has signed a deal for a new talk show, set to debut in 2020. It's being produced by the same company as Williams' show, Lionsgate's Debmar-Mercury. The show was launched after Cannon had a brief but successful run filling in as host for Williams while she was out for health reasons earlier this year. Here's the important part: Cannon did not sign the deal "behind" Williams' back.

In fact, the former host of America's Got Talent appeared on Williams show in September to make the grand announcement. Both TV stars were very excited about Cannon's new project, even talking about how their shows might run back-to-back with each other on daytime lineups.

The blog somehow spun this news into a diabolical plot by Cannon to take over Williams show, which, by the way, was recently renewed for two more seasons. He wasn't being sneaky, nor was Williams worried about his motives, as was obvious by her having him on her show to break the news. The allegations in the article are so far from the facts, it's impossible to take the site's story seriously at all. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Cannon, who assures he's "really good friends" with Williams and nothing about the blog's article is true.

Frankly, it's not surprising to us that Naughty Gossip would be so incorrect in its reporting. The outlet is often wrong when it covers industry news like this. Last July, the blog posted a story claiming Angelina Jolie was in talks to star in a Wicked film adaptation. The outlet said the actress was taking singing lessons and maintained that since she had "seen the musical on stage three times," she was ready to play a role on screen.

Gossip Cop busted that story in 2018, and more than a year later, very little information about the film is known, except for a release date in late 2022. Jolie certainly isn't attached. The blog was taking a wild stab in the dark and missed badly. This ridiculous story involving Cannon and Williams is more fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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