Wendy Williams Mocks Mariah Carey: I Can’t “Picture Her Having Sex” (VIDEO)

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Wendy Wiliams Mariah Carey Video

By Shari Weiss |

Wendy Wiliams Mariah Carey Video


Wendy Williams mocked Mariah Carey this week, making fun of her new relationship with James Packer. Watch below.

During her “Hot Topics” segment, Williams began by showing a picture of Carey and Packer, and insinuated that he’s ugly. Still, she noted, “His names is James, and he’s a billionaire. You wouldn’t throw him away.” And then said of Carey, “Whatever you think about her gaining weight, she looks terrific to me, and she looks happy.”

Williams went on to reference a false tabloid story, which Gossip Cop corrected, about Nick Cannon supposedly being unhappy that Packer was now in his kids lives, and the host described Packer as their new “male escort.” She also repeatedly called Carey’s twins “Moroccoan and Monroan,” instead of Monroe. And then she went into why Cannon’s “probably so happy” that Carey is “occupied” by someone else.

“Because in my head, Mariah is all about Mariah,” said Williams, noting that she didn’t want to be “judged” for her comments. But she went on to do some judging of her own, saying, “I don’t picture Mariah being fun in a relationship, like I picture her being child-like to a point of unicorns. It’s cute in the beginning, but all of a sudden, a guy wants to be with a woman. And I don’t picture Mariah — I don’t picture her having sex.”

Williams continued, “I don’t picture her having great conversation that will really move a man to be turned on… And because of the tic in my head that I think she might have in her head, I just picture guys using her for the ‘Mariah Carey.'” She added, “I’m just nervous for Mariah, because I don’t think she’s a pleasure in a relationship. I’m happy for Nick because I’m sure that he’s glad that she’s occupied over there.” Check out the video below, beginning at the 16:40 mark, and tell us what you think. Note: Video no longer available.


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