Wendy Williams SLAMS “Fame Whore” Bruce Jenner: “Belinda, Shame On You!” (VIDEO)

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Wendy Williams Bruce Jenner

By Daniel Gates |

Wendy Williams Bruce Jenner


Wendy Williams slammed Bruce Jenner on her show, calling him a “fame whore” whose gender transition has made the talk show host feel “duped.” Watch the video below.

Jenner, of course, is the subject of a major Diane Sawyer interview airing on Friday, following months of speculation about his personal journey and the publication of invasive paparazzi photos showing him in a dress earlier this week. After touching on those pictures, which she admits may have been taken illegally but is all too giddy to show her audience and critique, Williams begins to rant about Jenner.

“If this wasn’t an obligation due to my career, I wouldn’t watch,” Williams says of the Sawyer interview. “I feel duped by Bruce.” She goes on to explain that when “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” first began, she felt “compassion” for Jenner, watching his wife and daughters boss him around as he tried to be “the rock of the family.”

That’s all changed, declares Williams. She says, “I don’t feel duped because he’s turning into a woman. I feel duped because he’s the same fame whore as the rest of the family.” The host explains, “I’m pissed at Bruce because he’s supposed to be the rock and solid,” but she says instead of helping his teenage daughter Kylie make good decisions, he’s focused on his own transition.

“Bruce has bigger fish to fry than turning into Belinda,” announces Williams. She agrees that everyone has the right to feel comfortable in his or her skin, but says of Jenner, “He should have thought about [transitioning] before he had all the kids… Belinda, shame on you!” By the way, Gossip Cop exclusively reported earlier this month that, contrary to reports, Jenner does NOT plan to use the name “Belinda.” In any case, watch the video below, starting at the 3:00 mark, and tell us what you think of what Williams says. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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