How ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Led To Wells Adams Meeting Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland in an embroidered black dress standing with Wells Adams, who's wearing a dark blue suit, on the red carpet

By Brianna Morton |

Sarah Hyland in an embroidered black dress standing with Wells Adams, who's wearing a dark blue suit, on the red carpet

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Sarah Hyland and fiancé Wells Adams had the most millennial meet-cute of all time. The Modern Family actress and former Bachelorette contestant got together for the first time thanks to Adams’ role as bartender on Bachelor in Paradise. Now the couple are set to be married, all because of Hyland’s obvious thirst tweets.

Hyland had been somewhat of a fan of Adams since he first appeared as a contestant on the 12th season of The Bachelorette. Hyland did nothing to hide her thirst for the former radio DJ turned podcast host. “Ugh! @WellsAdams making a Lord of the Flies reference on men tell all??? #knewhewasthebestfromthestart #menwhoreadarehot,” Hyland tweeted during Adams’ season in 2016. “Also @WellsAdams compared Chad to Voldemort. #potterheadsarethebest,” she tweeted a little while later.

It wasn’t until Adams joined the cast of Bachelor in Paradise as a bartender that the two finally connected. Hyland tweeted her excitement at seeing her favorite former contestant behind the bar. Wells promptly responded.

The Modern Family actress immediately responded with a sly comment of her own.

Wells Adams shoots his shot in the DMs

The flirting eventually moved from the timeline into the direct messages, Sarah Hyland revealed during a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live. “Have you seen those memes of, like, ‘slide into the DMs?’ He slid into my DMs,” Hyland told Jimmy Kimmel. Right away, Hyland was charmed by Adams’ direct attitude. “I was single, obviously…I was like, ‘You’re being very forward and it’s sexy and not aggressive, but very confident and sexy and I like that.”

What message did Adams send to get such a reaction out of Hyland? “Next time I’m in L.A., I’m taking you out for drinks and tacos,” Hyland said. Right to the point and perfectly balanced on the edge of cockiness and confidence. The offer of tacos scored Adams some extra points. Hyland confessed that they both shared a love bordering on obsession for tacos. They truly are a match made in heaven.

Since getting her start on the popular sitcom Modern Family, Hyland is sometimes targeted by tabloids. In 2018, Star reported that Hyland and onscreen sister Ariel Winter wanted to do a reality show together after Modern Family ended. Claiming the two actresses worried about the future of their careers after the hit show ended, a source told the outlet they’d landed on the idea of a reality show to keep them afloat. Gossip Cop checked in with Winter’s rep, who told us the story is complete “nonsense.” We also reached out to a source in Hyland’s camp, who similarly assured us that a reality show isn’t in the star’s future. Maybe these tabloids ought to look into their sources. It must be embarrassing to get stories wrong so often due to bad information.