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Prince Andrew’s alleged involvement with the Epstein scandal has lead to increasingly unbelievable tabloid rumors. Most of these rumors are absurd just from their titles alone. Gossip Cop has collected just a sampling of bogus rumors about the eighth in line to the throne

Sarah Ferguson And Prince Andrew Are Homeless

Usually, homeless rumors follow Meghan Markle and Prince Harry around for no good reason, but this time Woman’s Day said the Duke and Duchess of York were the ones without money. The title would have you believe the two were on the street, but the actual article said they were just having trouble with the debt on the place they “truly call home,” a house in Switzerland they purchased in 2014. Nothing about this story retained water, and so Gossip Cop busted it.

Princess Beatrice Had Him Expunged From Wedding Photos

Prince Andrew’s daughter Princess Beatrice got married earlier in the summer in an intimate ceremony. In Touch used the sparseness of the wedding photos as evidence that father and daughter were at odds. The tabloid claimed “She’d already canceled her wedding more than once” over her father’s scandals, which was simply not true. The only photos released from the wedding were of the happy couple, and one with the Queen of course. Unless the tabloid wants to say every other guest was expunged too, this story was bogus.

Prince Andrew Causes Wedding To Be Canceled

Let’s circle back to that cancellation rumor. When the Epstein scandal hit, OK! Reported that Princess Beatrice was canceling her wedding out of shame, and it led to a “furious showdown” between father and daughter. In reality, it was Prince Andrew’s choice not to attend the engagement party because he didn’t want the scandal to overshadow her happy day. The wedding got delayed over COVID-19, which nobody anticipated at the time, and still ended up happening with Prince Andrew in attendance all the same.

The cover of the Globe claiming the royal family has put a hit out on Ghislaine Maxwell

Queen Orders Hit On Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in connection to the Epstein scandal, so Globe used the arrest and just ran with it. Out of fear that she would implicate Prince Andrew and bring the royal family down, the tabloid reported “top-secret phone intercepts indicating Queen Elizabeth,” or someone else at that high level, “has ordered a hit” on Maxwell to protect the royal family. This is the stuff of James Bond movies, and MI6 even comes up, as apparently the phone transcripts “seem to reveal a hit team from Britain’s MI6 agency has been green-lighted to silence Ghislaine.” We’d say you can’t make this up but Globe did. Yeah, this is indefensibly dumb and never should’ve been printed.

Prince William Ascends To Save Monarchy From Prince Andrew

According to the notorious National Enquirer, Prince William would become King because the queen was blaming “Charles for not stopping” Prince Andrew’s sex scandal from happening. A so-called “palace insider” claimed the queen “ believes only William can save the monarchy.” It’s been about 9 months since this story and, well, Prince William is still only a prince.


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