Though Prince George's parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, his aunt, and his uncle are frequently written about in tabloids, the young prince and heir to the throne is usually able to escape the gossip media's attention. The 6-year-old isn’t completely forgotten by those sorts of outlets, however, and when he is written about, the stories tend to be bizarre. Gossip Cop couldn’t help but notice the outlandish stories about Prince George and compiled them here to take a deeper look.

Shortly after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wed in 2018, claimed Khloe Kardashian wanted her daughter, True, to marry Prince George. The disreputable gossip blog quoted a supposed “insider,” who tattled, "Khloe thinks it would be amazing for one of the Kardashian girls to be the future Queen, and it would be the perfect combination of British and American royalty." Gossip Cop couldn’t take this sack of lies lying down.

It seemed to us that this outlet was simply taking advantage of Kardashian’s excitement at seeing an American woman marry into the British royal family. It’s also likely that they spun up the almost certainly fake source as a way to put words in Kardashian’s mouth in order to suit their purposes. Gossip Cop didn’t rely on the word of some unknown, untrustworthy “insider” for our information. We went straight to the source and checked in with Kardashian’s rep, who laughed off the story. That proved for us that this tale was more fiction than reality.

Though the previous tale was sort of a head scratcher and benignly weird, the next story we came across was quite sinister. The often debunked National Enquirer was behind the frightening rumor that an ISIS sniper targeted Prince George and his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton. The outlet published a photo of Prince William escorting his son to school for Prince George’s first day of class.

In the background of the photo, in the window of a nearby house, the publication circled what looked to be a man leaning out the window. This, the outlet proclaimed, was an ISIS sniper determined to end young Prince George’s life. Or was it a police officer stationed at the window to look over the young royal? It was hard to tell from the article, since both options were mentioned with equal sincerity, with the tabloid flip-flopping between them. The reason why it was so hard for the article to determine whether there was a sniper or a police officer in the window was because they made it all up.

Gossip Cop looked into this story and found that a man connected with ISIS had encouraged violence against Prince George’s school. The Enquirer took this real life event and concocted their own dramatic version that were entirely untrue. Though the untrustworthy outlet claimed to have photos of the moment Prince George “cheated death,” in reality all they had was photos that had already been released months before. How shameful of this tabloid to exploit an innocent child in order to entice readers.

The strangest story of all comes from Star, who claimed Prince George was begging to wear “big boy pants” to the wedding of his uncle, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle. The outlet said the then-4-year-old prince was “already quite the negotiator,” according to a suspicious source. The source went on to say that once the youngster learned he’d be “front and center” at his uncle’s wedding, “George decreed, ‘I’ll go and do fancy boring stuff if I can wear big boy trousers to the wedding.'” Obviously, Gossip Cop found this bogus report hard to believe.

We reached out to our royal source close to the situation and though our source wasn’t able to speak on the record, they assured us that Prince George was not begging to wear “big boy pants.” Besides, it’s tradition for young royals to wear shorts, so it was unlikely that Prince George would flout tradition on such a momentous day. We rated this story false. These outlets are always reporting on the royal family, but they very rarely have anything new, or true, to add.


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