“Weekend Update” Premiere Video – Donald Trump And Sons Mocked In “SNL” Opening

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Weekend Update Premiere Video

By Shari Weiss |

Weekend Update Premiere Video


The premiere of “Weekend Update,” the new summer spinoff of “SNL,” kicked off on Thursday with a segment mocking Donald Trump and his sons, Don Jr. and Eric. Check out the video below!

“It’s been a crazy year these past few weeks,” Colin Jost began, noting there were “some minor staffing changes” in the White House. He said Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer both left, and Anthony Scaramucci was gone so quickly, he “barely got the tip in.” Consequently, he cracked, while it’s unclear if Trump is “colluding with Russia,” “he’s definitely colluding with ‘Dancing with the Stars.'”

Jost expressed disappointment that Scaramucci didn’t last until the new season of “SNL,” but compared his short tenure to “Christmas in July.” He then revised that to “Hanukkah in July” because “he lasted about a week and it’s a miracle he got that far.” After that, Michael Che hit Trump over his immigration policies and his escalating war of words with North Korea.

And with all this bad news for Trump, his “sons” Don Jr. and Eric came out to defend their father. Don rattled off the president’s success with ISIS, the border and the “story of the summer.” Eric interjected, “When you met with the Russians?” Don was actually referring to the economy, but Jost wanted answers on that meeting. “The whole story is a nothingburger… It’s a cool new phrase everyone’s saying,” the fake First Son quipped. The bit then became all about making fun of Eric, as he was given a fidget spinner to keep him occupied like a child.

He did get credit for building a hotel, though… one of made out of Legos. In the following segment, Che was interrupted by a FaceTime call from Scaramucci, as played by Bill Hader. He gave his account of his short tenure in the Trump administration, and recounted how he said Bannon likes to “‘S’ his own ‘D.'” The “Mooch” went on to offer his version of a nursery rhyme, saying, “Hickory dickory dock, Bannon–” The call was dropped before he could finish.

It was announced back in March that NBC had ordered a “summer edition” of “Saturday Night Live” that would expand the sketch comedy show’s “Weekend Update” segments. Jost and Che appeared on “The View” just last week to promote the series, and the network is hoping the new program will allow “SNL” to keep its voice in current events while the main show is on hiatus until late September or early October. Watch the opening video below.

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