“Weekend Update” Slams Donald Trump, Nazis With Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers – Watch Video

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Weekend Update Trump Nazis

By Shari Weiss |

Weekend Update Trump Nazis


On Thursday’s “Weekend Update,” Colin Jost and Michael Che slammed Donald Trump and Nazis over Charlottesville, while Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers made cameos. Watch the video below.

The episode began with Jost poking fun at Trump’s approval rating, saying that the president seems to think he’s doing well because “people are always waving to him.” A photo then appeared on screen of the neo-Nazis giving the ‘heil Hitler’ salute in Charlottesville. Che, who seemed a bit uncomfortable and mumbled something about not “want[ing] to do this,” then said, “Nazis? Confederates? What’s with all these old-timey threats making comebacks? What’s next? Vikings? Polio?” He also said the weekend was full of “racist white guys trying to rebrand themselves” and noted “Trump defended these angry virgins.”

Of General Kelly’s stoic reaction at Trump’ fiery press conference, Jost cracked, “He looks like a homophobic dad at his son’s dance recital.” He further suspected Kelly did get Trump’s “both sides” argument: He was using “both the left and right side of his brain.” Che went on to say that Confederate statues can come down, until they’re “quietly” brought back “like ‘The Cosby Show.'” And Jost added that if white supremacist are mad now, “Just wait til next week when even the sun turns black.”

Che brought up the counter-argument that George Washington owned slaves, and therefore his monuments should come down, too. That led Fallon to appear in character as the first president, who showed off his “dollar bill face” and “quarter face.” Che pointed out that Washington “wasn’t very great,” to which Fallon’s Washington confessed, “Yes, I did cut down that cherry tree.” When Che said that’s not what he was talking about, Washington fired back, “You gonna do me like that on national TV?” Washington thought it was about exposing his wooden teeth, but the “SNL” personality told him, “I think the issue is that you and Robert E. Lee both owned slaves.”

“That was wrong. That was bad,” Fallon’s Washington responded. “But if you want to talk about owning slaves, you should talk about Thomas Jefferson.” Cue Meyers popping up as Jefferson, insisting, “It was a different time, man. It was the 70s, man. It was the 1770s… The difference between us and Robert E. Lee is we also did good things.” They pointed to the Declaration of Independence and winning the Revolutionary War.

Together they told Che, “In the end, Michael, we don’t need statues to commemorate us. Our legacy is the country that we risked our lives to create. And that is why this great country has given us an honor greater than any statue: A three-day weekend in February in which all Americans get 50 percent off all mattresses.”

As Gossip Cop reported, the summer edition of “Weekend Update” premiered last week. The “Saturday Night Live” spinoff series takes the popular recurring “SNL” segment, anchored by Jost and Che, and expands it for 30 minutes. The goal is to give fans the NBC sketch comedy series’ biting take on current events in the weeks leading up to the new season. Later in tonight’s second installment, UVA alum Tina Fey spoke out about Charlottesville, too. Check out the opening video below.

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