WATCH: Kanye West SNL 40 Video — Performs Medley + “Wolves” With Sia

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Kanye West SNL Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West SNL Video


Kanye West performed a medley on “SNL 40,” Sunday’s “Saturday Night Live” 40th anniversary special on NBC. Watch below!

The rapper, as odd as ever, began while lying on the floor. You read that correctly. West was completely on the ground, laying flat on the stage, as he performed “Jesus Walks” under a low white screen giving off a bright light that served as a ceiling of sorts.

It then raised a bit, and West got up to sing “Only One.” Interestingly, compared to his recent performances of the track on the Grammys and at Thursday’s Roc City Classic, the star was NOT helped by auto-tune, and his voice actually sounded rather hoarse. He then got back down on the floor, crouching and crawling, as he was joined by Sia and Vic Mensa for “Wolves.”

Sia, as per usual, hid her face beneath a giant wig, similar to the one she wore at the Grammy Awards earlier this month. As Gossip Cop reported, West just debuted “Wolves” last week in conjunction with his New York Fashion Week presentation. Along with “Only One,” it’s expected to be on his next album. This marked the first time he performed the song live.

West also appeared at the very beginning of the “SNL” special, pretending to hijack the show at the tail-end of the red carpet pre-show as Matt Lauer was about to introduce the live program. The superstar, of course, was poking fun at his much talked-about Grammys interruption from one week ago. Check out both videos below, and tell us what you think.

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