Lady Gaga was never pregnant with Bradley Cooper's baby. A bogus story in a tabloid nine months ago claimed the singer was expecting. Gossip Cop debunked this story then and now it's clear to see it was a ridiculous tale.

On June 24, 2019, Woman's Day alleged that not only was Gaga supposedly pregnant with Cooper's child but his ex-partner, Irina Shayk, was pregnant as well. A supposed "source" reported to the outlet that Cooper wanted to have more children. "After Bradley's daughter Lea, was born, he said he wanted plenty more babies. Perhaps just not in quick succession from two different women though. This could get messy," the so-called insider stated.

The alleged source added, "Gaga's been broody for years. She and Bradley had numerous conversations about family and children, and now it could be happening for them. But if Irina is pregnant too, that obviously complicates everything in monumental fashion." The phony source also claimed that Cooper and Gaga never "intended" to fall for each other. "Bradley's got his work cut out for him, juggling a young family and a new woman - especially if there are two baby mamas pregnant at the same time," the source continued.

Gossip Cop proved that this story was inaccurate. We not only checked with a source close to Gaga who confirmed the singer was not pregnant, but also with a mutual friend of our's and Shayk who insisted she wasn't pregnant either. Furthermore, Cooper was never romantically involved with the singer, and Cooper's relationship with Shayk ended before this story was published.

This was hardly the first time that Cooper and Gaga were the subjects of such off-base accusations by the tabloid. Gossip Cop debunked a story from Woman's Day earlier that month that asserted Gaga and the actor broke-up so Cooper could fix his relationship with Shayk. An "alleged" source claimed that after Gaga and Cooper finished filming A Star is Born, Cooper was looking to "focus on his family" and "ditched" Gaga for good, which we knew to be untrue,as they were never together in the first place. Cooper was never back together with Shayk either.

In August 2019, Gossip Cop busted another of the tabloid's claims that Gaga had "moved on" from Cooper with a new man. This magazine contended that the singer had started a new relationship immediately after dumping Cooper. Separate reps for the couple have confirmed multiple times to Gossip Cop that the two are strictly friends. It's worth noting that there was no mention of Gaga's supposed pregnancy.

In October 2019, the same tabloid once again got carried away by making up a story about the two. This time, it claimed that Gaga was "getting close" to Cooper again after splitting from sound engineer Dan Horton. Gossip Cop proved this to be yet another untrue article about the former costars. They weren't dating before Horton, and they didn't date after Gaga and Horton split. It was just another example of the tabloid inventing stories to sell papers.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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