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A tabloid predicted last year that Jordyn Woods' hasty exit from a London restaurant meant the former Kylie Jenner pal was pregnant. The father, the outlet insisted, had to be Khloe Kardashian's ex, Tristan Thompson. Gossip Cop didn't have enough information at the time to bust the story, but the truth came in time.

Star made the call last year that Jordyn Woods was possibly pregnant with Thompson's baby after news broke that the two had been caught canoodling. Though Woods admitted that she and Thompson had kissed, she denied all rumors that anything else had happened between them during an appearance on Red Table Talk. That didn't stop this publication from alleging that Woods was pregnant, however.

After Woods was seen leaving a London restaurant, where she'd been celebrating her mother's birthday, and slipping into a "getaway car," the outlet quoted a supposed source who claimed the reason for Woods' hastiness was to hide her growing belly. "Jordyn's giving every indication that she's pregnant. She left LA in such a hurry, and now she's got a swollen tummy," said a so-called insider. "The next logical question is 'Who's the daddy?' And everyone's looking at Tristan." According to this dubious source, Thompson and Woods "obviously had something going on for a while," which would explain why he's the number one suspect.

The supposed tipster somehow also had insight into how Khloe Kardashian was taking the news of Jordyn Woods' apparent pregnancy, and it was apparently not well. "She's demanding that Tristan take a paternity test — and, as a final insult to Jordyn, get it filmed for the show." Continued the source, "If it turns out Tristan's the daddy, it could spell the end of him and Khloe for good. She'll be devastated."

Though Kardashian supposedly had her own plans for getting back at her younger sister's former best friend, the source contended that Woods could also get some payback against the famous family. "This would be the perfect revenge on Khloe and the rest of the family for the way they kicked her to the curb before she could even explain her side of the story. Jordyn's young, but she's got street smarts." Unfortunately for this outlet, none of these predicted events came true.

Jordyn Woods took a lie detector test on Red Table Talk to clear her name about the supposed tryst she had with Thompson. When asked by a forensic polygraphist if she had sexual intercourse with Thompson, Woods answered with a resounding, "No." The test administrator found that she was telling the truth. To further discount the unreliable outlet's claims, it's been one year, and Woods has not had a baby. She was not pregnant at the time and according to her lie detector test, Woods never had sex with Thompson in the first place, so no pregnancy could have occurred. Gossip Cop found this story to be wholly inaccurate.

This outlet has a reputation here at Gossip Cop for getting the story wrong, especially when it comes to the Kardashians. Last December, we busted Star for claiming that Kanye West was forcing Kim Kardashian to quit her reality show and preach religion on the road. Equally false was the publication's report that O.J. Simpson told Khloe Kardashian he was her father. Simpson's attorney confirmed to Gossip Cop that the former football star maintained that he "has absolutely nothing to do with paternity regarding any Kardashian kid." This shameless outlet's reporting should, under no circumstances, ever be taken seriously.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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