Walter Scott Jury Foreman “The View” Video: Shooting “Wasn’t Malicious”

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Walter Scott Jury Foreman View Video

By Shari Weiss |

Walter Scott Jury Foreman View Video


The jury foreman in the Walter Scott case appeared on “The View” on Thursday to discuss the controversial mistrial and why they did not find Michael Slager guilty of murder. Watch below.

Scott, an unarmed black man, was fatally shot by Slager, a white police officer, in South Carolina last year. Video of the incident showed Slager firing his gun at Scott’s back, as the 50-year-old man ran from the scene. Scott had been pulled over by Slager in a traffic stop.

Later charged with murder, Slager went on trial this fall. But earlier this week, the judge declared a mistrial due to a hung jury. Now jury foreman Dorsey Montgomery II is revealing what went on in the jury room.

Montgomery, who is black, admitted he went into the proceedings expecting to vote for a conviction, but then changed his mind. “Due to the fact that what Michael Slager did wasn’t malicious,” he explained to Joy Behar. “It was not malicious, and I stand by that. It would be voluntary manslaughter, based on the law.”

He went on to explain, “A lot changed. When the evidence was given to us in the court room, we couldn’t touch it. It wasn’t tangible. When we got back there and we were in deliberations, we able to look at forensic information. We were able to touch the taser. We were able to feel the gun.”

“So even then, I began to say, ‘Hold a minute. Something is not quite right,'” Montgomery said, adding, “‘Cause you can’t go in there and make a decision out of what you feel out of your emotions. And I think that’s what a lot of us went in there with [originally].”

The foreman also appeared on the “Today” show earlier Thursday to discuss the case. See video from “The View” below.

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