Walmart Angers Justin Bieber And One Direction Fans By Selling Albums Early

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Walmart Justin Bieber One Direction

By Michael Lewittes |

Walmart Justin Bieber One Direction

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Walmart angered Justin Bieber and One Direction fans on Saturday when the retail chain put up for sale the two music acts’ upcoming albums six days ahead of their release dates. Both Bieber’s Purpose and One Direction’s Made In The A.M. are supposed to go on sale on Friday, but some Walmart stores have reportedly already begun selling them, leading to backlash from the respective fan bases and the trending topic “#NoPlayPURPOSEandMITAM.”

Essentially, Beliebers and Directioners, who often spar with each other on social media, have banned together, asking loyal fans not to buy the albums in advance of their release dates. A Twitter user named ‏@kindhest, for instance, wrote, “DO NOT BUY ANY ALBUM WAIT ‘TILL 13TH NOVEMBER #NoPlayPURPOSEandMITAM.” Another Twitterer with the handle @mccanncstx expressed, “Beliebers and Directioners together. THE END OF THE WORLD. Go away walmart, go away. #NoPlayPURPOSEandMITAM.” “NoPlayPURPOSEandMITAM they work hard for their album Nov 13 is the release not now,” added a user who goes by ‏@MsHoran26.

“Please don’t buy the album and disrespect Justin & 1D like that, they’ve worked so hard! #NoPlayPURPOSEandMITAM,” similarly tweeted @BieberQrew. And there were literally thousands and thousands of more complaints.

While Walmart tweeted back to costumers such things as “We’re so sorry the bulbs were out of stock due to high demands,” “We’re sorry there weren’t enough checkout lanes open,” and “Aww! Congrats on the arrival of your new cat,” the retail chain has yet to respond to angry fans about selling Bieber’s and One Direction’s albums before they were supposed to. Tell Gossip Cop what you think about Walmart selling Purpose and Made In The A.M. six days early.


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