‘The Walking Dead’ Star Chad L. Coleman Screams At Riders On NY Subway (VIDEO)

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Chad Coleman outburst subway

By Minyvonne Burke |

Chad Coleman outburst subway

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Chad L. Coleman was seen screaming at passengers on a NYC subway in a video posted online. “The Walking Dead” star was riding a train headed towards Brooklyn on Friday when he started ranting about humanity. See the video below.

In the almost four-minute video, Coleman is heard yelling, “I wanna know where my humanitarians are. Yes, I’m Chad L. Coleman. I’m on ‘The Wire’ and ‘The Walking Dead.’ I’m not trying to f*cking play no games with you.” As he paces up and down the train car, Coleman continues screaming, “Yes, I’m an actor… My name is Chad L. Coleman. I’m on ‘The Wire’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ and I’m not taking it.”

At another point in the video, Coleman loudly says to one passenger, “Where is your humanit, where is it brother… So don’t tell me I’m making this up.” Eventually he sits down on an empty seat on the subway and continues talking to a passenger off camera. According to TMZ, Coleman said he got upset after he overheard a guy and a girl on the subway talking and trying to figure out where they knew him from. Supposedly, the guy told the girl, “No, we don’t know that n*****.” The actor said the guy’s comment is what set him off, and his rants about humanity was in reference to what’s going on in Baltimore.

Coleman has not commented on subway incident, but on Thursday he tweeted, “Having pure motives and unconditional love intentionally towards your fellow man. H.U.M.A.N.I.T.Y.” Watch the video below of Coleman yelling at passengers on the subway, and tell us what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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