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Drew Barrymore and Ellen DeGeneres are now both players in the highly competitive daytime talk show host game, and rumor has it that it's the culmination of years of bad blood and feuding. The talk is pretty nasty, so Gossip Cop took a close look at the report. Here's what we know.

Drew Barrymore Beating Out Ellen?

New Idea reported that it's "Drew vs. Ellen" as their "TV war explodes!" Arguing that "Tinseltown ain't big enough for both talk show hosts," the magazine says that Barrymore is successfully capitalizing on DeGeneres' recent string of controversies with her own show. DeGeneres was "forced to delay her return to the small screen" after the news broke of workplace harassment and bullying.

"However," it notes, "this paved the way for Drew to launch her own self-titled show." It also writes that some are pointing to Barrymore's comments about welcoming laughs and quips from her crew as one of several "potshots" at DeGeneres and how she runs her show. "Drew is wonderful to work for and she, like everyone else in Hollywood, was appalled at what people have been saying about Ellen for months now," an anonymous source explains. "She wanted to make it very clear from the get-go that she is not cut from the same cloth."

The "emerging ratings war," however, supposedly isn't the first conflict between them, as the magazine says that there's been "years of friction" between the two hosts. It apparently dates back to the show First Dates, which was narrated by Barrymore and produced by DeGeneres, and its cancellation after a single season.

Apparently, there were quite a few worries that the two "feuded over the creative direction of the show" before the show met its end. "Drew wanted more say on how it was done given she was the face of it all," a tipster shares. Worse yet, they claim, was DeGeneres' response.

Ellen was a total control freak and wouldn't hear of it. It was never going to work between them.

Of course, the magazine adds, there's also the 2014 incident where DeGeneres referred to a pregnant Barrymore as "fat," although it blew over fairly quickly. "Drew was super cool about it, but let's just say she understands what all these people mean when they accuse Ellen of being a nasty bully," the tipster adds. They conclude with an ominous note for DeGeneres, saying,

This has been the worst year on record for Ellen.

"She knows she has a lot of work to do to drag her reputation — and her show — back from the brink," the snitch says, "especially now that she has fierce competition in Drew."

How Did Ellen And Drew's Shows Do?

DeGeneres has returned to her show and already addressed the incidents that saw her getting hammered by critics online, and while it wasn't the smoothest apology, her program has shown no signs of struggle since. In its article, New Idea misreports a few key details about the background of DeGeneres' controversy and her personal and professional relationship with Barrymore.

For one, the Ellen workplace allegations had approximately zero to do with the launch of Barrymore's talk show. It's been in the works for months and despite the large amount of tabloid speculation about the show's impact on competing programs, doesn't seem to have other hosts sweating. By all accounts, it had a fine, but not fantastic, launch. Similar to DeGeneres' premiere and apology, its ratings weren't exactly breaking any records. Basically, both shows have kicked off to none of the sparks or insults that the tabloid predicted. The "ratings war" boils down to Ellen getting slightly better ratings than Barrymore, which is hardly a conflict.

Heck, even the "potshots" it said already occurred were just Barrymore trying to cope with an audience-less start, which would be rough for an experienced host, let alone a newcomer. Not only was the magazine off with its talk about the current state of their relationship, it was dead wrong about their past too. First Dates was barely a blip on people's radars, and of the two single reviews online about the show, neither are all that enthusiastic about the show.

One was even baffled over the fact that there wasn't a clear reason as to why Drew Barrymore of all people narrated. The show was just blind dates over and over again, and it was riddled with awkward conversations and uncomfortable moments that were too real to be entertaining. It had nothing to do with a narrator and executive producer's imaginary squabbles, and to argue otherwise is foolish at best.

Drew Barrymore Doesn't Hold A Grudge

The tabloid also leaves out the fact that Barrymore's repeatedly joined DeGeneres on her show for years. The two seem perfectly content to talk with one another as pals and professionals, but that'd ruin the bogus feud narrative the magazine is trying to push. Even the infamously inaccurate National Enquirer knew that the two were close friends three years ago. It's no surprise that this feud story's off on their relationship since it managed to be wrong about DeGeneres' popularity in Hollywood in general. New Idea argues that "everyone else in Hollywood" was "appalled" by DeGeneres' allegations, but in reality, she's had a massive amount of support from a lot of big names.

The Tabloid Thinks Ellen Is Doomed

This isn't the first time the tabloid has been completely off in its coverage of the famed host and her toxic workplace allegations. This past August, New Idea and its insiders were confident that the controversy would be the end of DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's marriage. Just before that, the beyond questionable tabloid said that DeGeneres was actually decided on a 2022 retirement from her show. Neither of those past reports even got a mention in this latest "expose," which looks to be just as bunk as its previous claims.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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