Vito Schnabel: I Did NOT Cheat On Heidi Klum

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Vito Schnabel Cheat Statement

By Shari Weiss |

Vito Schnabel Cheat Statement

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Vito Schnabel says he did not cheat on Heidi Klum, despite photos showing him seemingly kissing another woman. See his statement below.

On Friday, the Daily Mail obtained a series photos of Schnabel and an unidentified woman leaving Chiltern Firehouse. “PICTURE EXCLUSIVE That’s not Heidi! Klum’s boyfriend Vito Schabel pictured kissing mystery brunette in London… while she works on ANTM in New York,” the UK tabloid blared in a headline. The British paper further said, “The brunette appeared enamored with Vito, and the couple reportedly kissed for around 30 seconds before jumping into a black cab and continuing their passionate display.” While what did or didn’t take place inside the taxi is not entirely visible in the paparazzi pictures, Schnabel and his companion’s faces are close together.

But the art dealer maintains the photographs are being sensationally misrepresented. He says in a statement to People, “The claims that have been made are a misinterpretation of an entirely innocent situation. There is nothing more to this than I was simply saying goodnight to a family friend and we went on our separate ways.” A source further tells the magazine that Schnabel and Klum are “happier than ever.”

That is what Gossip Cop heard earlier this year. In April, we busted Star for falsely claiming Klum dumped Schnabel after he was supposedly “caught pawing” a fellow art dealer back in January. Contrary to the story, though, the couple was still together. And the tabloid’s sister outlet, RadarOnline, was wrong in May when it alleged Klum and Schnabel were “back together.” They never split in the first place.

And after a relationship of roughly three and a half years, they appear to remain committed to one another. That said, Klum has not spoken publicly about the new photos in question.

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