Viola Davis Teases “How To Get Away With Murder” Season 4 Premiere On “GMA”

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Viola Davis HTGAWM GMA Video

By Shari Weiss |

Viola Davis HTGAWM GMA Video


Viola Davis appeared live on “GMA” on Thursday to tease season four of “How To Get Away With Murder.” The interview came just hours before the premiere of the ABC drama and the return of the network’s “TGIT” lineup. Watch the video below!

Davis revealed during the chat that her character, Annalise, will be “dealing with her alcohol problem.” “I’m excited because I feel that everyone is gonna learn more about these characters, what makes them tick,” she explained. As for the show’s signature dead bodies, she hinted, “There’s going to be something coming up.” But Davis then admitted, “I reveal too much, so I have to be really careful, so no more.” But she was very happy to talk about husband Julius Tennon’s cameo in tonight’s episode. “At one point the director said, ‘Okay, you guys are having a little bit too much fun. He’s supposed to be a stranger.’ It spices up the little marriage there,” she said.

And their daughter Genesis now has the “acting bug,” too. “She makes herself cry and then she’ll look in the mirror,” Davis told the anchors. “And at one point I told her to cry once. I told her, ‘Genesis, you know, you have to tap into your emotions.’ She said, ‘Okay, mommy. Just say rolling, say rolling.’ I said, ‘rolling,’ and then she put her finger in her mouth and she made her tears.”

It was noted that Davis just needs a Grammy to become an EGOT, as she already has an Emmy, Oscar and two Tonys to her name. “And I can’t sing,” she confessed. “I mean, I could not sing. As a matter of fact, I told my husband. I said, ‘Julius, you know, we should get married again and then I’ll prepare a song. I’ll sing it for you.’ He said, ‘V, don’t do that.'”

She went on, “So maybe I’ll do a spoken-word thing. You know, I don’t wake up every day thinking, ‘I gotta win a Grammy.’ I’m just always concerned about my daughter and other things. You know, like waking up. But that would be sweet.” Check out the video below, and come back to Gossip Cop later for a full recap of the “HTGAWM” season premiere! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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