Vince Vaughn Wife Threatening To Leave If He Doesn’t Get Sober?

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Vince Vaughn Sober

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Vince Vaughn Sober

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Is Vince Vaughn’s wife threatening to leave him in the wake of his DUI arrest? A new report claims Kyla Weber will walk out unless the actor gets sober. Gossip Cop looked into the situation, and now we can reveal what we’ve learned.

Earlier this month, Vaughn was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after being stopped at a checkpoint. He was also booked for resisting arrest after allegedly “delaying” the investigation. Now Woman’s Day Australia is running the headline, “Vince Vaughn’s Wife Demands: Sober Up Or We’re Done.”

That line, “Sober Up Or We’re Done,” is actually a fabrication, which becomes apparent in the article. The tabloid acknowledges that Weber picked Vaughn up from jail, but claims she is “furious” over the situation and “it’s making her rethink their marriage.” But the magazine doesn’t actually have proof to back up any of those contentions. Rather, the outlet quotes an alleged “insider,” who merely speculates about how Weber may be feeling.

“Kyla will be fuming over this,” asserts the supposed snitch, who contends, “There’s no doubt she’ll make it clear this kind of thing can’t happen again. She might not stand by him next time.” The quotes make clear that this purported “insider” has no first-hand knowledge of how Weber has actually reacted to Vaughn’s arrest. These are just unsubstantiated guesses and theories.

Without evidence, the publication also wonders, “Is their marriage crashing?” Notably, no reputable media outlet has reported that Vaughn is struggling with alcoholism, or that is relationship is suffering as a result. And Gossip Cop is told that neither is the case. A rep for the actor insists it is “100 percent untrue” Weber is threatening to leave him. Additionally, a source close to the couple argues that a single citation at a checkpoint is not proof of a full-on “drinking problem.”

Speaking on background, our contact maintains, “There are no drinking issues nor concerns” with the star. In Vaughn’s 2015 cover story with GQ UK, he said he “enjoy[s] drinks… but you grow out of that stuff” and “realize what works or what doesn’t work.” There’s no disputing that Vaughn should not have been behind the wheel if he imbibed, but his decision to “enjoy drinks” doesn’t mean his marriage is falling apart. And there is no proof that Weber has issued an ultimatum.


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