Vince Vaughn A “Jerk” To Disabled Boy At Hockey Game?

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Vince Vaughn disabled boy

By Michael Lewittes |

Vince Vaughn disabled boy

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Vince Vaughn was not a “jerk” to a 13-year-old boy with muscular dystrophy at a hockey game, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this story. Not only after exhaustive fact-checking does the story not check out, but we’re also told by sources in the know that the story is totally untrue.

According to the not always reliable Star, Vaughn was a “true jerk” to a disabled fan who “dared approach him at a Chicago Blackhawks playoff game.” The tabloid’s so-called “witness” claims, “Vince could see that the boy needed a walker and that it was a struggle just to get through the stands, but when he asked for a photo, Vince said, ‘Not now, I’m concentrating on warm-ups .’ The game hadn’t even started! It was appalling.” The magazine adds that the boy “left dejected.”

Star then quotes its so-called as source saying very pointedly, “Vince is not the kind of fan Chicago needs. The poor kid deserved better!” Additionally, the magazine illustrated its false report with the photo from above, which was taken back in 2010.

Gossip Cop spent a lot of time reporting out the tabloid’s story, which was made more difficult because Star conveniently never mentioned when the game was, other than stating “at a Chicago Blackhawks playoff game.” In any event, after loads of checking, including locating people who sat next to Vaughn, we’re told no young boy with muscular dystrophy approached Vaughn or was refused a photo. One of our sources tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “It never happened,” and the tabloid’s story is 100 percent “not true.”


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