Vince Neil Sued By Nicolas Cage Fan For Assault

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Vince Neil Sued Nicolas Cage Assault

By Andrew Shuster |

Vince Neil Sued Nicolas Cage AssaultVince Neil is being sued by a woman named Kelly Guerrero, who he allegedly assaulted in April outside of the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas after she approached Nicolas Cage for an autograph. Guerrero has now filed a $150,000 lawsuit against the Motley Crue rocker for pain and suffering.

As Gossip Cop reported at the time of the incident, video emerged of Cage and Neil getting into a fight following the alleged attack. The actor can be seen grabbing Neil around the neck while yelling, “Stop this s**t now!” At the time, it was reported that the rock star had yanked a then-unidentified woman by the hair and pulled her to the ground for simply speaking to Cage. The police cited Neil with misdemeanor battery, but he wasn’t arrested or booked for the alleged incident.

Guerrero has now revealed more details about the situation in her new lawsuit. She claims Cage put Neil in a friendly headlock while they were speaking, but when he freed himself from the actor’s hold, Neil for some reason attacked Guerrero. The woman confirms earlier reports that the rocker pulled her to the pavement by her hair, which she says resulted in a fractured tailbone, a hip injury, and neck and back pain. According to TMZ, Guerrero further alleges in her court filing that Neil was either drunk or high at the time and had physically assaulted another woman too.

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