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You probably know Vin Diesel as street racer Dominic Toretto from the high-powered Fast & Furious film series. Or maybe you’re a fan of his sci-fi role as Riddick, the Furyan convict from the movies Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick, and Riddick. Either way, you probably don’t know much about his love life, as the action star likes to keep it on the down-low. So who is Vin Diesel’s wife? Does he even have one? Here’s an inside look at the woman behind one of the highest-paid actors of all time.

Is Vin Diesel Married?

Because the 53-year-old superstar is so hush-hush about his private life, people are always asking "Does Vin Diesel have a wife?" Well, we have the answers for you! While he’s not married, the Guardians of the Galaxy star has a long-time partner named Paloma Jiménez. The two have (reportedly) been together since 2007.

Who Is Paloma Jiménez?

Born Karla Paloma Jiménez in Mexico on August 22, 1983, Paloma Jiménez is a successful model. The stunning 37-year-old brunette has appeared in dozens of high-profile commercial campaigns, including ads for Coca Cola, Honda, and Pantene hair products, as well as a number of Mexican television shows.

How Did They Meet?

Very little is known about Diesel and Paloma’s relationship, including how they met. Given both of their glamorous careers, it’s probably safe to assume they were introduced at a movie premiere, party, or some other type of celebrity-filled function.

Despite the fact that the action star is tight-lipped about Paloma in public, all it takes is a little Instagram-feed digging to find out that he's crazy about her. Back in 2014, Diesel posted a beautiful pic of his lady love along with the caption: “There is no greater gift to a man than a loving mother to his children. The Mayan Queen.”

What We Know About Their Relationship

While Diesel has always kept a lid on his love life, he’s been much more open about his favorite role to date—being a dad. He has three children with Paloma—Hania Riley Sinclair, 12, Vincent Sinclair, 10, and Pauline Sinclair, 5. (Vin Diesel’s birth name is “Mark Sinclair.”)

The proud pappa frequently shares adorable pics and videos of his kids on Instagram, and even helped his oldest daughter, Hania (who goes by the name "Similce") to follow him in his acting footsteps. She made her voice-acting debut in the Netflix and DreamWorks animated series, Fast & Furious: Spy Racers, which is a spin-off of the film franchise and was executive produced by Diesel himself.

Diesel has also said he was happy to take on more kid-friendly roles once he started having a family himself—especially the tree-like humanoid Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

In 2014 he told “When my kids see trees, they refer to the trees as my brothers and sisters. And so, they'll say, ‘Look Daddy, it's your brothers and sisters.’ And the idea to be associated with trees like that is remarkable. It's so much more gratifying than you would ever imagine.”

Diesel added: “The coolest thing was my son watching the movie — when ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ comes on, he was at the edge of his seat, and I'm watching and it's the first time he's ever gone to a movie, that we've ever gone to a movie together. Obviously, he can't see Riddick or any of those other movies. So he kinda scoots to the edge of his seat and squints his eyes like this and he starts singing, ‘Hooked on a feeling, high off believing …’ Watching him do that just melted my heart."

But perhaps one of the sweetest things Diesel has shared is the story behind his daughter Pauline’s name. She’s named for his close friend and Fast & the Furious co-star Paul Walker, who was killed in a tragic car accident back in 2013.

The two actors became very tight while making the Fast & the Furious movies, and Diesel was shattered when he learned about Walker’s sudden and untimely death. “You spend 15 years going from being a nobody to somebody, with a brother,” Diesel said on The Jonathan Ross Show, as reported by “And then one day he’s gone… And it’s a very heavy experience.”

The star also talked about how hard it was to return to the Furious 7 set to complete the scenes he and Walker had started to film.“I’ve been acting all my life and they don’t teach you in acting, how to mourn someone and simultaneously pretend they’re in a scene with you.”

At first, the Bloodshot actor refused to go back to the movie franchise set at all. “I was so reluctant to go back to filming,” he told NME earlier this year. “I just felt like the studio was asking me to go back to a funeral. I was so broken by it. I didn’t want anyone to use the tragedy as a story plot.”

Eventually, however, Diesel came around and said he was very pleased with the tribute to Walker in Furious 7. “We were able to do something so beautiful and so classy,” he explained. “It might be the best moment in cinematic history. Not just my career but in cinematic history. Men around the world, well everyone in the world, but men around the planet for the first time in history were able to cry together.”

We’re sure Paloma was also a huge support after Walker passed away!


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