Viktor Kiraly “The Voice” Audition Video: “What’s Going On” Singer Told He “Can Win This Entire Thing” — WATCH HERE!

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Viktor Kiraly The Voice Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Viktor Kiraly The Voice Audition Video


Viktor Kiraly was told by not one, but TWO judges that he has a great chance of winning “The Voice” on Tuesday. Watch below!

The native New Yorker moved with his Hungarian-born parents to Budapest at age 16, where his music style was initially off-putting. “People didn’t really want to accept the fact that I was singing in English. My problem was, I couldn’t sing in Hungarian,” explained Kiraly. He went on, however, to find success through a talent competition to the point where he now has singles on the local radio, gets recognized on the street, and even sees his face on tabloid magazine covers. But, he explained, “I want to find my way back home… ‘The Voice’ can give me that recognition I’m searching for here in America.”

The judges seemed to think so, too, as all four turned around during his performance of “What’s Going On,” and Adam Levine gave an extended standing ovation. As Blake Shelton hilariously/awkwardly marveled at the fact that Kiraly wasn’t black, Levine exclaimed, “What? I can’t hear you. I’m still clapping.” He then warned Kiraly not to be “seduced” by Gwen Stefani’s feminine charms.

“I was trying to have a poker face and then they just saw right through me and turned around anyway, which they should’ve done, because you’re absolutely phenomenal,” Levine told the contestant. “I’ll tell you right now, you can win this entire thing. Hundred percent.”

Shelton agree, actually admitting, “I think Adam’s right.” He went on, “If I was a bettin’ man right now, I’d say this dude is going to be standing up there in the finale. I think the headlines are going to be ‘The Victor of The Voice.'” Shelton should probably be worried, though, as Kiraly chose to join Team Adam! Check out the full video below!


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