Victoria, David Beckham “Separate Lives” Claim Is NOT True

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Victoria David Beckham Separate Lives

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Victoria David Beckham Separate Lives

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A claim about Victoria and David Beckham living “separate lives” is not true. Not only has a rep issued a denial, but Gossip Cop can prove the story is wrong. The couple has been together several times in recent weeks.

According to In Touch, the Beckhams are “having trouble keeping their marriage strong.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Victoria and David are leading separate lives.” An alleged “insider” also cited in the article claims the couple’s pals “wouldn’t be surprised” if they announce a divorce in the near future.

Among the reasons, asserts the tabloid, is that they’re “often apart.” The supposed “source” contends, “David is in LA a lot… He’s also been spending time in Miami, where he’s launched a soccer team, whereas Victoria prefers being in the UK.” Adds this purported snitch, “The stress is causing Victoria to be moodier than ever, and David tries to spend as much time away as possible. They’re both living in a miserable marriage.”

A spokesperson for David told the magazine on the record that these contentions are “completely false.” And Gossip Cop can prove that’s the case. The Beckhams attended a fashion show together on June 10, where they openly engaged in PDA. On June 13, David posted on Instagram a photo of Victoria sitting next to him at a group dinner, writing in the caption, “Amazing night… All about families and memories.” And on June 25, David was by Victoria’s side at her Sotheby’s exhibit, with the pair wearing matching suits no less.

Now their 19th wedding anniversary is only days away, and Victoria revealed on Instagram June 27 that she’s already preparing for it by finding the “perfect date night dress.” Clearly they’ve been spending time together and will continue to do so. Their lives are very much intertwined.

Conclusion: While their respective careers sometimes requires them to travel extensively, there is no legitimate basis to claim the Beckhams are currently leading “separate lives” when there is evidence they have been together several times in the last few weeks and will be again in the coming days. The article also suggests the couple only stays together for fame and fortune, a notion David shot down last year when he revealed they renewed their vows.

“People have talked about, ‘Do we stay together because it’s a brand?’ Of course not. We stay together because we love each other, because we have four amazing children,” he said. There’s been no shortage of wrong rumors about Victoria and David over the years, leading Gossip Cop to separate fact from fiction earlier this month. It should be clear that this latest story is yet more fiction.


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