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Are Victoria and David Beckham trying to "buy" a happy marriage? A new tabloid report claims the couple is using lavish purchases to "distract" from marital woes. Gossip Cop, however, can bust the story.

According to Heat, the Beckhams have been on a "capitalism binge recently, spending their hard-earned millions on everything from horses to holidays to diamonds rings." The magazine contends "friends suspect that it's all an effort to distract themselves and the world while they continue to battle headlines about their troubled marriage." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "David and Victoria have been spending a lot of money."

That's said to include throwing down cash for trips, as well as "expensive toys and presents for the kids," while using holidays, anniversaries and birthdays as "excuses for yet more extravagant presents." The outlet specifically points to a bottle of wine the Beckhams reportedly purchased for more than $2,000 during their anniversary dinner in Paris earlier this month. Contends the supposed snitch, "It's like they want to show everyone they're happy together and still have a perfect life."

"But it's not fooling anyone," continues the publication's alleged tipster. "People are worried for them. Vic's friends keep trying to tell her that money can't solve their problems. They feel that both of them may need to sit down and address their issues, rather than focusing on flashing engagement rings and happy family holidays all over social media." The purported insider, who suspiciously switches back and forth between "Victoria" and "Vic," further asserts that "these cash distractions can't last much longer."

But the Beckhams aren't suddenly living a ritzy lifestyle to cover up relationship problems. They've lived this way throughout their 19-year marriage, as many rich celebrities do. Last December, it was estimated that Victoria and David are worth around $450 million through their businesses, investments and endorsement deals. They can obviously afford a $2,000 bottle of wine regardless of the state of their marriage. And while that amount and other dollar figures are certainly outrageous to the everyday person, they aren't out of the ordinary for people of their means.

George Clooney once gave 14 of his friends $1 million each. Did he dish out all that money to hide romance woes? No, he just wanted to be generous to his loved ones. Last week, LeBron James and his family traveled on a luxury yacht in Italy. Was that because he and his wife are having issues? No, he simply wanted to take a well-earned vacation. The Beckhams are no different.

Heat is trying to put a negative spin on routine behavior to fit an ongoing narrative about a possible breakup. Of course, it's already been established that divorce rumors about the Beckhams are untrue, so they'd have need to spend money just to cover up nonexistent marital trouble. When examined logically, the claims are rather absurd.

It was similarly ridiculous in January when the tabloid manufactured a story about Victoria trying to "spice" up her marriage with an "underwear room" to "house their sexy lingerie, nightwear and other items." Just as that tale was made-up and false, a rep for the couple confirms to Gossip Cop that this new one is phony and not true as well.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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